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Program Overview

Space, money and time can be used very effectively, alongside other resources. Implementing the 5 ‘S’ system can make you increase your product quality and enhance communication between workers. By getting rid of waste elements and modifying the working environment time-to-time will enable the smooth working of an organisation and a fluid two-way communication between the employees and the organisation.
Benefits of the 5S system:

1. Raises quality to a great extent

2. Increases factory up-time

3. Promotes safety

4. Helps building customer confidence

5. Manages and lowers costs

6. Decreasing repair costs

Consultivo's approach to the 5S system

Look around you. Is the place you are currently working in clean? Do you often have to do frustration hunting for things at the most urgent times? This is why the 5 S system has been developed. We train you to come up with strategies for zero waste which automatically leads to zero confusion. A clean and organised workplace also facilitates smooth working and helps in maintaining the positive energy of the employees.

We train you to make each day at your workplace safer and easier to work in. Afterall, Cleanliness is next to godliness.

The 5 S system is comprised of five stepssort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain which are known as the five core pillar of visual communication during times of need. Imposing the 5 S on the work place means organising the working environment, that is, the information systems and visual controls to make it work efficiently and effectively.

Consultivo Academy brings to you the 5S Office/Management training programme to inspire the efficiency within you. We use neuro-linguistic programme techniques for designing the training course module.

Consultivo Partner of ICC and ISTD

Training Highlights

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How will it benefit you?

Explore the Benefits | 5S Office/Management

A. Learn to create an organised working culture at your workplace.

B. Understanding the 5 steps to improvement and learning to implementing them.

C. Learning to create a visual workplace.

D. Learrning to impose the right parameters for sustainability of the 5s system.

E. Understanding the techniques to control the crumbling of changes and organisation at workplace.


Certificate | 5S Office/Management

Each participant will receive a joint certificate from Consultivo Academy and Indian Society of Training & Development (ISTD)


In Consultivo Academy, we ensure engaged learning which is directly linked to the business results and impacts. Learning is changing, and we embrace the change through our training planning, design, process and methodologies.

Consultivo Academy training programmes are designed for the best possible learning experience for adult learners. Through our research & development process, we are continuously innovating new ways to meet the changing needs of our learners.

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