About Consultivo Academy

Consultivo Academy is the global training service provider in different organisations. People access Consultivo academy services through corporate training & public workshops. Consultivo Academy conducts Open House, In-House as well as custom built e-learning training programs specific to the customers’ needs.

Why Train at Consultivo Academy

Learning is one of the most important change agents in any organisation, be it large or small, public or private sector, service or manufacturing. Learning has become more important than training. In Consultivo Academy, we ensure engaged learning which is directly linked with the business results and impacts. Learning is changing, and we embrace the change through our training planning, design, process and methodologies.
7 Pillars of New-age Learning
Collaborative Learning

In collaborative learning, two or more people learn or attempt to learn something together. So, in Consultivo Academy courses we have incorporated problem-based, discussions, reflection and other ways in which participants are an active part in the learning process. People are learning, not simply with others, but from the shared experiences and ideas of others.

Brain-based Learning

In Consultivo Academy trainings, we use Action Learning Sets, which is a group learning technique designed to guide learners through solving real-world problems by applying their training. This involves setting specific, targeted actions and then meeting to assess the results guided by one of our experienced trainers. This is an excellent method for building team cohesion at the same time improving their skills.

Differentiated Interventions

Consultivo Academy research team has worked hard on the personalization to the learning experience. Learners within any single training program are likely to have multiple needs to fulfill and not all of them aim toward the same learning goal. Each of them has his or her own set of concerns, agendas, abilities, values and priorities.
This is why it’s extremely crucial to apply different types of interventions to different learners.

Conducive Learning Environment

In Consultivo Academy training programs, favourable learning environment are available not by chance but it is well designed and planned. Several interventions like ‘Ice Breakers’, Interactions, and psychological stimulations are part of each training program, which not only creates a favourable learning environment, but also make a participant understand the benefit of the training program.

Blended Learning    

Studies have shown that using different types of learning improves an individual’s engagement with the topic, retention of information and overall satisfaction Offering a variety of content, delivery methods and further resources makes your learning experience richer and ensures the best possible outcome.

Interactive Resources

In addition to our core face-to-face delivery, we provide additional resources to support your learning, including Participant Manuals, FAQ Guides, hints, tips and fact sheets. All of our resources are created on a bespoke basis to align with the course objectives, content and delivery methods.

Bespoke Programs

Keeping your learning objective in view, we design each and every in-organisation course suitable to your workforce. Our design methods follow world-class standards and get repeatedly validated while we deliver the training program each time, every time.

Our Course Design Approach

Meets : ISO 9001 design requirements
Follows : Blended Learning Technique
Consists : Psychometric Interventions
60% – 80% Interventions

ADDIE Model Approach
Consultivo training approach
Learn From The Leader
  • 100+ types of courses
  • More than 7500 professionals trained in last 5 years
  • 60%-80% Interactive design
  • International Accreditation
  • Phychological Interventions
Learning in Consultivo

Engage with CONSULTIVO training programs

In Consultivo Academy, we ensure engaged learning which is directly linked with the business results and impacts. Learning is changing, and we embrace the change through our training planning, design, process and methodologies.

Consultivo Academy trainings are designed for the best possible learning experience for adult learners. Through our research & development process, we are continuously innovating new ways to meet the changing needs of our learners.

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