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Attending a boring corporate training is difficult. Probably it just comes next to having a terrible boss. Such is the reputation of corporate training. And with the passage of time, the corporate training is becoming even more difficult to conduct.

I remember those grim, lazy and dizzy body languages of real-life dynamic managers attending a training where the trainer tries hard to read tons of slides, trying to impart all the knowledge he has. Line managers do not find them relevant since many of the training programmes do not align with their business objectives.

People seldom find it necessary to gather information and develop skill through only conventional lectures and slide presentations. That is one of the reasons why we often find people tagging corporate training as the synonym of boring, wastage of time and money, nightmare and any such negative force.

Learning is changing. And this change in the learning behaviour is the major challenge for corporate trainers and the key driver in changing the new age learning landscape. The learning environment, learning behaviour, learning modes and techniques too are reshaping their dimensions. The new age learning is not only for the young group but it is applicable in the corporate world too.

Professional learning has become one of the most important change-agents in the organisations. It has become a very critical catalyst in capacity-building and a key enabler for organisational improvement. Now, learning has more importance than training.

Learning which creates a positive impact in business-results has become the major challenge for most of the trainers. To meet the challenge, designing the best possible learning experience for adult learners is crucial. Through research & development process, continuous innovation of new ways to meet the changing needs of learners is coming up.

The training is no more only content-driven. It is the learning method and environment which matter the most.

We are increasingly moving toward an age in which the adult participant will not sit still for eight hours for training which perhaps looks more like a “school”. They’re becoming more demanding in their understanding of how learning looks and how it will enhance their competence to deliver in a challenging corporate environment.

For the better understanding of the meaning and the implications of these changes in the learning process, I’ll be glad to share my research and opinion in the future days.

Can you feel the change? The change is in the air, everywhere.  Learning is changing. And the real game changers will be the learners – with their changing learning behaviour. Change is inevitable, embrace it!
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