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Our journey is full of knowledge initiatives, engagements and thought leadership activities. Acknowledging the voice of industry, stakeholders and society, we actively take part in different events to learn more and validate our thoughts.

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castor crop in north gujarat


Meeting Castor on its way towards sustainability

We@Consultivo, Project experience

26th March 2018

8 pillars of corporate learning


Learning is changing: 8 pillars of new-age corporate learning

Thought sharing, Corporate training

5th March 2018

perks of being Consultivo creative intern


Perks of being Consultivo creative intern

We@Consultivo, Celebrating life

2nd March 2018

new age learning - corporate training


Learning is changing. So is corporate training

Thought sharing, Corporate training

26th February 2018

HR legal compliance - a world beyond compliance


HR legal: a world beyond compliance

Consultivo initiative, Human resources

16th February 2018

going green at Consultivo


Meet our army in green: a way of life at Consultivo

We@Consultivo, Celebrating life

2nd February 2018



National Youth Day: empowering to create an impact

Thought sharing, Celebrating life

12th January 2018

healthy actions at workplace


Healthy actions at workplace – 3 checkpoints

Consultivo initiative, Human resources

9th January 2018



My top 5 favourite moments as a Consultivo creative intern

We@Consultivo, Celebrating life

2nd January 2018

Consultivo survey enumerators


Working across different tea gardens of India

We@Consultivo, Celebrating life

22nd December 2017

Consultivo internship story


A sweet November indeed – Interning at Consultivo

We@Consultivo, Celebrating life 

25th November 2017

appreciate life in the world of today


In the world of I, Me, Myself – Let’s appreciate more

Thought sharing, Culture

19th September 2017

Intern at Kolkata


The journey to remember: A Consultivo creative intern story

We@Consultivo, Celebrating life

14th August 2017

Consultivo Stakeholder Engagement


Stakeholder Engagement – an engagement to sustainability!

Consultivo Initiative, Sustainability

12th July 2017



How my internship at Consultivo helped me to break a myth

We@Consultivo, Celebrating life

30th June 2017

Ethical Supply Chain


Ethical issues in a Supply Chain – The unseen behind the scenes

Thought sharing, Sustainability

20th February 2017

learning through e-learning


Learning through E-learning – the way of new-age learning

Thought sharing, Corporate training

16th January 2017

ISO 14001-2015


The revised ISO 14001:2015 standard

Consultivo Initiative, Environment

19th September 2016

empowerment of common man through internet today


Empowerment of a ‘Common Man’ through internet

Thought sharing

11th August 2016

Cloud computing concept: Cloud With Keyhole on digital backgroun


Comply with ISO 27001:2013 efficiently and cost efficiently

Consultivo Initiative, Safety

18th July 2016


Trees sacrificed for our learnings – an experience

Thought sharing, Environment

8th June 2016

World Environment Day Consultivo Blog


Go wild for life on this World Environment Day 2016

Thought sharing, Environment

5th June 2016



HR on top of the increasingly changing legal issues

Thought sharing, Human resources

16th May 2016

Sustainability walk


A sustainable walk for a sustainable future

Thought sharing, Environment

4th April 2016

information security


10 ways to keep your personal information safe on the internet

Thought sharing, Safety

14th March 2016

A or B as concept of choice


A real life story on decision making – an art

Thought sharing, Human resources

19th February 2016