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Ensuring A Safe Diwali 2016

Ensuring A Safe Diwali 2016 Diwali is the festival of lights and hopes. Celebrating the joy of living.   As a part of Consultivo Initiative, we are spreading the concern for a Safe Diwali. Thus we bring to you-   5 Easy Checkpoints for a Safe Diwali: Simple Safety Guidelines which can Save a Life  …

Learning Through E-Learning

21st century: the age of cut throat competition and a rat race for the top spot in the business world. Today when by the time one builds a company, there will be 20 more in the same area each as good as or even better than the next, and all of them eyeing for the…

SA 8000:2014- Implementation & Internal Auditor Course on 1st & 2nd September, 2016

5 Ways Of Unintentional Sabotaging Of Your Data Security

5 Ways Your Employees Are Unintentionally Sabotaging Your Data Security In your company you must be trusting some employees with the most sensitive data. In your wildest dream you may not imagine them sabotaging your data security. Right? But recent research have found out that most employees who have only your company’s best interest at…

Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Personal Information Safe on the Internet

Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Personal Information Safe on the Internet With hackers and scammers working hard to devise new and insidious ways to steal your personal information it’s more important than ever that you do everything possible to protect it. 1. Probably the best way to protect your personal information is to not…

ISO 14001-2015

The Revised ISO 14001 : 2015 Standard – An Overview

The revised ISO 14001:2015 standard ISO 14001: Environmental management systems – Requirements with guidance for use has just been published on 15th Sep 2015. ISO 14001 is one of the world’s most popular standards for environmental management. There are key improvements against the previous version (2004) and it is expected that the changes will make…

World Environment Day Consultivo Blog

Go Wild For Life On This World Environment Day 2016

Go Wild For Life On This World Environment Day 2016   “What did you do on this World Environment Day?”, once I asked this to one of my friends and he replied, “Why should I?” “Has your company took any initiative?”, I continued the talk. This time, his answer was bolder. “We are too small…

Consultivo Blog on Sustainability


I am in a profession where I need to travel to various places almost frequently. I work almost eight to ten hours sitting on a chair and starring at the laptop screen. While on tour I eat unhealthy foods which actually adds cholesterol to my tummy.


An Emergency Preparedness Plan is envisaged to provide guidelines for the personnel of the plant to effectively combat the emergency situations that might arise.


In the North eastern Region of India, there was a small Airport surrounded by small hills and tea gardens in the bank of River Barak. The in – charge of the airport was very enthusiastic and a dynamic personality.


Recently I was sharing with one of my friends about my experience when I went to a particular office for an urgent job and the concerned person came one hour late. I was wondering whether the person was really busy or he wanted to get some importance.