Perks of being a Consultivo creative intern


Here, at Consultivo, we’re committed to nurture the skills of the youth for the business world of tomorrow. Consultivo internship programmes are designed to give you an insight and awareness of business and to help you build your employability and other valuable skills.

However, being a Consultivo creative intern is not just about slogging and learning the ropes of the professional world, its something more than that.

Now, you would definitely want to know what is it that actually sets apart Consultivo’s internship programme from the rest. Why should you intern at Consultivo?

While interning with us, you have your own perks of being a Consultivo creative intern.


Let’s have a look:

Flexible work hours

We encourage higher flexibility in activity with greater freedom of work.


Work from home

We also provide 1-day work from home opportunity as per your convenience.


CQI (Consultivo Quality Index)

The quality of your work would be measured by CQI. CQI considers the different aspects of quality content and calculates its score. This way you’ll be able to compare, measure and understand your improvement. That’s your takeaway!


Weekend report

Weekends are always exciting. Yes, we’ll send you the analysis & summary of your week’s performance – your achievements & improvement points. Learn as you go!

Food, celebrations & more!

Well, food is an integral part of our ‘existence’ (literally!). Apart from our in-house pantry at the office, there are ample food joints nearby to treat your taste buds. Once you become a part of our team, you will know for yourself. We believe in celebrating life – every small or great achievement, learning, birthdays & more. We would be more than happy to make you a part of it.


Our green army & us!

Yeah! Our army in green, the office plants are there to calm your soul and keep you refreshed throughout. Besides, we are here to make sure you are cared and valued enough not to miss your home.


An inspiring work environment

From the industry experts to your internship buddies – work, learn, share and grow!


Get featured in our blog

With your brilliant performance throughout the internship, you will get a chance to share your insight and get featured in our company blog.



You deserve it! After the completion of the internship, you’ll be awarded a certificate of excellence (make sure to have high CQI score throughout) or certificate of internship.


Stipend & goodies

We would love to appreciate and acknowledge your performance in every possible way. Get a stipend, goodies and be a part of team Consultivo.


And the good news is…

If your internship goes well, there’s a fair chance of being offered a position within the team you’ve been working for. That means you are off the baggage to find a job during your final year at university – you can slot back into a team you’re already familiar with once you finish your degree.


Come aboard! We are here to welcome you in our team.




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