5 quick tips to be a successful Consultivo Creative Intern


Quick tips to be a successful Consultivo creative intern


Are you driven by your passion to create an impact and work for a better tomorrow?

Do you want to take on the world with your charm of words, artistry, communication prowess or story-telling skills?

Do you crave to get your hands on learning new tricks & techniques of the trade?

Then, welcome to Consultivo.

Here, at Consultivo, we provide internship programmes round the year to help the young people get an insight & understanding about the business environment. If you are looking forward to nurture your skills and build up your employability factor, gear up and jump-start your career with us.

Here are 5 quick tips to be a successful Consultivo Creative Intern:


Self-motivation & self-confidence

Be self-motivated and afraid not to take on challenges. You may face some new & challenging situations which you have not faced before but don’t step back, instead face them head-on!


Commitment to work & time

Be committed to your work & its timely delivery. That matters a lot! You will get the sneak peek of this during your internship tenure.


Analysing skills & multitasking

Sharpen your analysing skills & the ability to multitask as you progress. (Sweat not, we won’t ask you to do any high-end scientific research work.)


Passion & effort

Be driven by your passion to perform and put in your effort to learn & grow. This is what counts at the end and you yourself will reap the long-term benefits from it.


Maintain transparency

Be transparent in your work approach as that will help you to improve more. Don’t shy away from asking for help or receiving feedback for improvement. After all, you are here to learn and unlock your potential.


**Well, being a foodie will also be an added bonus for sure 🙂




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