Embracing the edge: My experiences as a Consultivo creative intern


On the day of my final interview at the office, I remember sitting in the conference room and feeling the same way I felt on the first day of my college: excited, anxious and nervous.

During the interview process, I have received creative inputs and was informed about things I had less idea about prior to the interview. I kept asking myself: Will I be able to perform well? Will I be able to come out of my comfort zone and perform as per the requirement?

When I came to know that I have got the internship, I felt extremely happy. I was welcomed into the office with a plate full of chocolates and high hopes. During the induction process, our internship coordinator, Medha explained in detail about the concept of CQI (Consultivo Quality Index) and my role as a creative intern. But the questions I had during my interview still remained at the back of my head: Will I be able to deliver my best?

Little did I know then, that this internship was soon to become a life-changing experience for me.

My name is Arpita Chakraborty and I’m a creative intern at Consultivo. Here, I learnt to embrace my skills and perform beyond my limitations to expand my edge of knowledge.

arpita intern story at Consultivo

Coming to think of it, I feel extremely glad to add such a valuable experience to my resume. But is that all? As I speak about my internship experience at Consultivo, words are falling short to express all that I have learnt here. Not only was I a part of an extremely dedicated team who constantly motivated me to deliver my best, but they also encouraged my uniqueness.

I come from an engineering background but I was always equally interested in writing creative content. I always had a desire to nurture my writing skills and work in an environment where I can constantly learn new things. I realised that Consultivo is probably the best place for me to grow strong analytical skills and independent thinking. This inspired me to immediately apply for the internship here and since then, there was no turning back. I joined as an intern in April 2018, but it feels like I joined just yesterday.

The vibrant green residents of the office immediately filled me with a positive vibe. Apart from the work – meaningful as it was – was only a small part of what made my experience so special. The countless celebrations on special days and the bond that I share with the team are the most priceless takeaway from my days spent here. I remember how a hot cup of coffee greeted me every morning and sometimes we were treated with ice-creams, tasty snacks or even a team outing for lunch! Consultivo surely knows how to surprise you!

consultivo creative intern

content writing internship at consultivo

While working on the projects, I was even surprised to find out the different layers of tasks that one needs to do for the ultimate delivery. I got a chance to be a part of the “Project WOW: Consultivo Website Quality Improvement Drive”. I was briefed about my role related to content in the on-going project.

Initially, I found it very challenging because I had limited knowledge on different sectors of business like – social & sustainability, environment & energy, safety, management system & business excellence. But the weekend reports and the constant inputs from Consultivo team made me become better with every task. I gained knowledge on its multifaceted features. Never did I feel alone at any time as I was under the constant guidance of Medha and Sonam. This helped me a lot to sharpen my skill set and learn new things. I can safely conclude now that my writing skills have improved drastically and I have learnt to identify the target audience before starting off with my assignment.

Too soon to end, but I’m confident that I have indeed learnt a great deal. I’ve really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere in the office and the wonderful people I had the opportunity to work alongside. I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to explore my true potential.

Consultivo has helped me to expand my spectrum of knowledge and added an extra edge to my personality – by preparing me for all the forthcoming challenges of the business world.

Arpita Chakraburtty

Creative intern, Consultivo




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