3 major workplace habits – sustain a good health and work for a better tomorrow


For many of us, it’s our workplace where we spend most of our day. And this is not just for a few days but for a major part of our human life.

So, it’s important to be aware of the fact and create a healthy work environment & a healthy work force. Without good health & well being, it is not possible for a person to work efficiently & productively. We believe in being committed to our work but also to a healthier & happier tomorrow. So, it’s important to spread awareness and help to develop better workplace habits for healthy mind & body.

So here, we have come up with 3 major healthy work place habits which everyone should follow and also share with their near & dear ones:


Take a break & move around

If you are sitting at your desk for the majority of your working day, you need to be alert immediately. Reports suggest that 80% of the people worldwide are suffering from different ergonomical problems due to sitting for long hours, less activity & movement. So, it’s important to take small breaks in between your work, stretch out and move around a little to recharge your body and help in blood circulation.

Sitting postures

Even when you are sitting, it’s important to keep a proper sitting posture otherwise it may lead to pain & discomfort, resulting into decreased work efficiency. One should use ergonomic chairs with backrest for firm support and adjust the chair height for comfortable foot rest. Forearms, wrist & arms should be straight & relaxed with neck straight. Screen should be at eye-level and wrist rest should be avoided while typing.


Take care of your eyes

Working at the computer & being tech savvy could be great for your work but it’s a devil in disguise for your eyes. Constant viewing at the computer screen or phones can be harmful for our vision and strain our eyes. So, it’s important to take mini breaks to keep your eyes off the screen and relax them by keeping them closed or blinking them a few times. Also, the screen should be at a hand’s distance & tilted to minimise glare.

Well, these are some basic tips to develop healthy workplace habits. It’s important to be healthy to work efficiently because the mind & body are not separate. What affects one, affects the other!


Also, you can download & print this pdf and tag it in front of your desk.


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consultivo people excellence



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