A sweet November indeed – Interning at Consultivo


It’s my fourth week at Consultivo and it doesn’t feel like so at all.

Time flies, for sure! But before delving into my story further, let me introduce myself first.

Hi, my name is Sonam and I am a creative intern at Consultivo.

On November 1st, I was welcomed warmly into the Consultivo office with much enthusiasm and nicety. And I must mention that on my first day, the simple and sweet gesture of placing a welcome note and a plate of chocolates for me simply touched my heart. Everybody was so warm and friendly. My internship coordinator, Medha not only briefed me about my work and responsibilities on the very first day but also she has been guiding me ever since with such patience and clarity.

Being from the Science background, it may be bizarre to make such an unconventional choice of career. But I believe it’s all destined. I always wanted to explore the field of writing. After a lot of struggle and effort, I was finally able to break in into the magical world of words. All thanks to Consultivo for giving me this internship opportunity and helping me to break the jinx.

Consultivo internship story

Right from my first day at Consultivo, I am learning so much, be it the different techniques of writing & content presentation, the importance of professional & timely work delivery or other professional skills & responsibilities.

Here the work culture has already infused a positive impact on me which motivates me to do better with every passing day. Each and every person here is treated with care and respect; everyone lives by the Consultivo work culture and ethics which is truly inspiring.

By now, I think my writing and proofreading skills have definitely improved than before and I am still learning the nitty-gritty of professional and business writing. Initially, it was a little challenging for me to actually understand the nuances and how business reports and content are presented but everybody has been very helpful and patient with me, giving me the opportunity to learn and grow at my pace.

By far, it has been a great learning curve for me and the weekend performance report and CQI (Consultivo Quality Index) score are always very helpful. It gives me an insight into my learning and scope for improvement which encourages me to improve more. I still remember the words of Medha & Madhabi ma’am that one must have the willingness and intention to progress and carve the path for success. And they have always been there to guide me along the path for betterment with their knowledge and handy advice. I really appreciate their way of easy communication and openness to ideas.

I can say that my days at Consultivo have been quite challenging at certain times but also motivating at the same time – for it has given this naive girl the opportunity to create an impact & work for a better tomorrow. This month of November is, of course, coming to an end but I believe its sweetness will continue to linger as I eagerly look forward to continuing my journey here.

Sonam Gupta

Executive – Communications, Consultivo


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