Boost your work productivity with yoga on International Yoga Day


Everyone of us are aware that yoga helps to de-stress our mind and relax our body through certain asanas and kriya but how many of us would relate it to being beneficial in increasing our productivity at work?

To become more productive, one has to have a clear vision and objective in their mind. It can only happen if one is healthy and relaxed. But with such a demanding life with high work pressure, deadlines, long working hours, sedentary life style, we often forget to take care of ourselves. Most of the time, we start taking shortcuts for our quick fixes with medicines or some stimulants to feel fresh at work.

Aren’t we harming ourselves with such habits? Think about it!

Rather, practicing simple yoga exercises in between the work intervals for a few minutes comes with a lot of benefits. It could be done at your desk or out in the fresh air and sunshine which can help immensely.

Here’s how doing a few yoga stretches daily would boost your productivity at work:

Beats stress & anxiety

According to a recent survey, over 40.5% of corporate employees sleep less than six hours a day due to high stress levels.

Mental and emotional stress are the top factors that affect employee health and productivity, leading to increased absenteeism, employee turnover and medical fees. A few yoga exercises practiced daily help to relax and release tension keeping up the energy level.


Improves focus & concentration

With demanding work and multi-tasking, it sometimes leads to mental mess resulting into low productivity and losing focus at work. Practising yoga helps in calming the mind and regulating oxygen flow in blood, thus, making us more alert and aware. This, in turn, helps to concentrate on tasks and make better decisions with a clear perception.


Enhances creativity

As yoga helps to increase our concentration and focus, it also opens & freshens up our mind and let our creativity unfurl. One can’t think out of the box when the brain is confined within the box.


Boosts your immune system

Most people, nowadays, depend on antibiotics and over-the-counter medicines for their physical ailments & diseases which is quite dangerous for our health in the long term. But if one practices yoga daily, it would work wonders for our health, getting to the root of the problem and strengthening our immune system. Good health means lesser sick days and more work productivity at work.


Brings positivity and self-confidence

When one is relaxed mentally, physically and emotionally, it would definitely make you feel positive & self-confident. Yoga helps to keep us calm, focussed & positive with better inter-relationship & bonding at workplace.

More & more corporate organisations are encouraging the practice of yoga to reverse the negative impact of stress at the workplace, which in turn, increases productivity for everyone.

A mere 10 minutes of yoga too could be beneficial for your overall health & lifestyle.

Take that yoga break for a few minutes and enhance your work productivity and achieve the zen in your life.

Samgacchadhvam samvadadhvam

Sam vo manamsi janatam

Deva bhagamyatha purve

Sanjanana upasate

which means,

May you move in harmony;

May you speak in unison;

Let your mind be equanimous;

Let the divinity manifest in all your endeavour.

Written by Ruma Gomes
Published by Consultivo communications team

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