My top 5 favourite moments as a Consultivo creative intern


Standing at the brink of my journey with Consultivo and wondering about the exciting challenges ahead, I look back and feel amazed to see the changes I brought in myself working here as a Consultivo creative intern.

My name is Sapan Kumar and it gives me utmost pleasure and delight to share my top 5 favourite moments with this wonderful company.


1. The welcome note!

On my joining day, I was given a very warm welcome by my internship coordinator and everyone in the office. On my work table, there was a bowl of chocolates and my name card. It was such an emotional moment to get the feeling to be a part of this family.


2. The coffee, work and learning…

My routine day starts with switching on my laptop accompanied with a fresh cup of coffee just on the table (and a lot more throughout the day). I start with the assignments given to me and complete it by the end of the day with various lessons in between.


3. Get it done.

As a visual designer, working with new software is a prerequisite. With little knowhow about the software, I was facing difficulties in operating it. But, it was Medha ma’am who helped me feel comfortable with the software in a methodical structure. She assisted me in operating it until the time I got better off it. Because ultimately, one needs to deliver and get it done.


4. My birthday celebration at office!

20th December could’ve been a normal day. But at Consultivo, surprises are no exception. It was such a surprise to get a wish from the entire Consultivo family on my 23rd birthday.

That evening my birthday was celebrated in the office with a birthday cake & gifts for me – making it a memorable day indeed.


Sapan's Birthday

In fact, in such a short span, I’ve experienced so many celebrations in office – birthdays, Christmas, loyalty recognition and more.


5. The New Year surprise!

Talk about surprises, well, 30th December was also on the top list. Everyone in the office received an amazing Amazon voucher with best wishes for the coming new year. Like what can be better to start a new year?

Sapan's internship at Consultivo

Working here was always fun. I was given assignments where I could use my theoretical knowledge and also apply some practical instinct which helped me to develop my intuition in graphic designing. Learning was never sporadic. I was working as well as evolving at the same time.

I can say that Consultivo has certainly given me a professional head start. I am more determined now and definitely more confident to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Sapan Kumar

Creative intern, Consultivo




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