The learning curve: How creativity and freedom boosts it up at Consultivo

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As I was working in the office with my morning steaming coffee, just then we got a call to report at the Blue Sky. So, wondering what Blue Sky is? Blue Sky is where as a Consultivo intern, I have had opportunities to interact with Saikat sir (Mr Saikat Basu, CEO & Chief Mentor, Consultivo).

Going back to that morning, our entire communications team was at the Blue Sky with curious eyes. And that was probably my once-in-a-lifetime-moment to be a part of important discussions related to various projects. Two gentlemen from our clients had come to meet our CEO that time. Our CEO introduced us to them and they were really appreciative and overwhelmed with the effort and hard work put behind one of the project where I too was a part of (wait, proudly part of!).

Our CEO gave the entire communications team a heads up for the positive feedback. That morning made my entire day. I was elated at their response and truly speaking, nothing beats the satisfaction of being commended for doing the job in a great way and that too directly from the persons you interact. Incidents like this really boosts it up at work.

So what was my work?

Let’s bring out a clear picture of what we were doing at the time. This project required us to directly interact with our customers. And as part of the communications team, it was an opportunity for me to speak directly with many of our global customers. So, there were a lot of vital points one needed to keep in mind while speaking to them. Syncing with the mood, choosing the right time, following up meticulously, being proficient in the languages, etc. were some of the steps I got to learn while being a part of this project. It was a challenge as well to keep adjusting the language of my conversation with them. And it was important not to get distracted by the not so positive vibes at the other end. And thanks to my seniors, I was able to get the hang of it quickly.

Time moves really fast. Feels just like yesterday when I had my first day of joining, this work of line being completely new to me. And now after almost 9 months, when I look back, I realise how much of an opportunity I have had in learning and knowing about things in the world of content writing.

Freedom to grow!

The important attributes that has made this possible till now is the space and opportunity to be creative and the freedom to use that creativity. I was given not just the freedom to be creative, but also the freedom to ask doubts, make mistakes and more importantly learn from those mistakes. As there is a saying that we tend to learn more from the failures we make than the successes we achieve. It’s no secret that creativity and freedom at workplace is the driving factor for productivity and I have been more than fortunate to be part of such a workplace environment.

Working on live projects

As an intern, it’s always a dream to be a part of live projects. Here in Consultivo, I got a chance to work with my project managers & coordinators, observe them and learn from them the vital ingredients that went into a project.

Knowing the fact that your part and the work you do is going to reflect in the organisation’s performance was itself a motivating factor and it absolutely helped me to give in my best.


Team co-ordination, timely delivery, several revisions, brain-storming sessions were all part of the preparations that went into each live project that we worked on. Apart from the bright side, each project had its share of bumps as well. It was a pressure situation surely, but everyone here at Consultivo made sure not to treat it exactly like a pressure situation, but more of a learning session.


It was encouraging to witness how positivity flows over at Consultivo even in the dark hours. That’s the hour to prep up with double or triple efforts. I’ve seen it happen.

Breaking down the Writers block

I remember being asked in my interview, what the Writers Block meant?

Writers block can be best described as many thoughts in the mind but yet unable to proceed with writing a topic.

The lucidity and expression of my language was always an issue which was highlighted in my weekend reports. Overcoming this issue meant overcoming the writers’ block. It took me a while to work and practice on it.

And finally… It was a feel good moment for me, when our Lead – Communications congratulated me for finally overcoming that hurdle. Now, I can say to the world that I have finally smashed the writers’ block. This wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the constant support and freedom offered to me by my seniors to improve myself everyday.

Starting the New Year with a bang!

The best part of Consultivo is that every work is done with a proper strategy and executed accordingly. There will always be a proper dashboard and track book for every work.

Just like every year, since November, the schedule of the Consultivo communications team was blocked by the New Year’s calendar. And I tell you the best part of the Consultivo calendar is that it’s developed in-house – the whole process.

This time the theme of the Consultivo Calendar is Better Tomorrow Is Here. Though I was not a part of the design & communications team of the calendar, but I’ve seen it happen around me. So many drafts made, rejected, improvised & so many late hours. But at the end, I feel really happy to see the final calendar. Surely the layout, photos & captions are meticulously designed which gives a fresh & happy vibe!

Now, comes into the scene the data management dashboard – the CRM. For this, I was entrusted with maintaining the dashboard along with my other colleagues.

Calendar distribution might sound simple. But I’ve witnessed the work that goes behind it which takes meticulous planning, time and patience – the data verification, validation, putting into the specified template and so many other checkpoints. It was indeed a collective team effort that required different minds and ideas to come together. Sure there were different mindsets initially, but it was important to find that common ground as mentioned earlier or else the campaign would have never taken off.

And not to forget the delicious treat we got for making this campaign a success!

Learning professionalism

Learning is an inevitable journey at Consultivo. That’s what makes a professional. Working on MS-Office has been the most enriching learning point for me and it continues to do so. No project or campaign is complete without it, be it word, excel or others etc. The various shortcuts, combinations, additional uses are all the ingredients for the final touch of a project and with the help of my seniors, I have been fortunate to learn and apply the various tricks of MS-Office that truly sets up the difference between a professional and a school or a college student.

Success treats, festivities and more..

Be it the completion of a project, festivities or birthdays, everyone at Consultivo always makes sure that the occasion turns out to be special. From making Rangoli for Diwali to decorating the Christmas tree and preps for new year, every event is an occasion that happens to create new memories.


Flexible work timings

The flexible work from home gives me the necessary space to work in the comforts of my own house.

On days where I am unable to spend the entire day in office, the work from home gives me the freedom to compensate that time with the ultimate focus being on the results and the learning curve continuing to grow.

Where it all started

I was fortunate to be a part of the Consultivo Project WOW – Website Quality Improvement Drive (Phase 1 & 2). The Project WOW will always remain special to me as it was the very first project  that I got to be a part of. As our CEO briefed us on this project, engagement with the audience was the primary focus that he stressed upon. As a learning point, I realised that for any organisation, if you need your communication circle to grow, you need to engage. The communication needs to be backed up and it is through our website quality that people will engage back with us. It’s about creating the first impression!

Working towards a common goal

The most important part of working in a team is to learn to coexist and here at Consultivo, we are all encouraged to put forth our views and even if there are conflicting, we always found common ground to stand on. Different ideas, different personalities, all working towards the same goal is what has made us complete every project successfully. And after observing my seniors, the way to come to a common conclusion has been itself a critical learning point for me that is applicable anywhere in life. The reason why this has been easy is because of the diversified and inclusive workplace culture that I have observed from my first day. (By the way, you can read my blog on the inclusive workplace here at Consultivo!). I have been more than privileged to be a part of this team and contribute in whatever way possible. The outcome of it has been the invaluable lessons that I have learnt both professionally and personally.

Appreciation for the world to see

One of the boosts up at workplace is being featured in the company website & official social media pages. Whether it is my blog getting featured or a photo as part of the communications team, the feeling of being appreciated is always second to none.

The process of learning goes on…

There is no end to the learning curve and improving everyday. There are a thousand different efficient ways by which a job can be done. And it is possible only if one gets the freedom and creativity to do so. If it wasn’t for these qualities that Consultivo allowed me to have, I wouldn’t have so many learning points to share. So, as I engage with more and new projects in my time here, the learning curve continues to go up and motivate me.

Akash Nambiar

Creative intern, Consultivo

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