National Youth Day – empowering the youth to create an impact



Swami Vivekananda said, ”Youth is the future.”

It is evident today that the younger generation can contribute to the nation’s progress & development with their zeal, passion, hard work & courage. So, it is highly important to help, support, encourage and inspire the youth in their personal & career development.

According to a Labour Ministry report, it is found that the unemployment rate is 13.3% for the age group 15-29 which is highly disappointing. So, on this National Youth Day, we have aimed to focus our attention to unemployment which is a very unfortunate situation for our country.

It’s a huge challenge for the youths to overcome. But here we have identified some possible solutions to overcome this behemoth challenge. Let’s have a look:


Internships – the need of the hour, why?

There’s a huge existing gap between classroom learning & industry requirements which needs to be filled in. The need of the hour is to lay the foundation to streamline the education system with the emerging skill needs of the employable youth. The institutes & universities should have dedicated internship programmes with potential industries & employment sectors. ‘Cause internships can instill the power to deliver among the youth!


But just providing internships is enough?

An internship is an advantageous opportunity being provided to the youth to learn and earn as they get trained to develop their skills before joining the professional world. While internships can lay the foundation for a fruitful career, unpaid internships can leave interns bitter towards the concept of work. Interns must receive high standards of training & supervision and organisations should offer some form of minimal pay to engage the younger generation.


Need for individual development & training plans

The organisations must provide a skill-based, well-organised & effective learning paradigm to engage the interns for developing their skills and accelerating their interest, thereby turning them into successful employees.

Give the youth opportunities to brainstorm & reflect

It’s important to provide necessary resources & information to them and give them the opportunity to brainstorm and reflect on issues to increase their analysing power which would help them grow and benefit them in the long run.


Let them fail but help them to learn to succeed

If they don’t fail, they won’t learn. So, it’s important to give the youth chances to fail, identify what went wrong and make way for success. After all, it’s essential for them to understand that one should learn from their failure & not fear from it.


Mix & match

By letting an individual grow in their niche could be a productive way to bring out the best in the youth. Along with providing them opportunities to develop themselves in their specialised domain, also offer them multidisciplinary roles to explore their skills & interest further. Let them work with different mentors for an all round development & learning.


Engage the youth & be open to their ideas

More often, the youth are deprived of getting their ideas heard due to their “being naive” label. Instead they should be engaged in various activities and invited to come up with their ideas & concepts to nurture their thought process & level of understanding.


Thus, on this National Youth Day, it’s our clarion call to reflect upon the unemployment issue of the youth of our country and step forward to invest in them for a better tomorrow. So, let’s get together to empower our youth to help them create a positive impact on the business world of tomorrow.

Sonam Gupta

Executive – Communications, Consultivo

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