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In the North-Eastern region of India, there was a small airport surrounded by small hills & tea gardens on the bank of River Barak. The in–charge of the airport was very enthusiastic and a dynamic personality. Once a sports meet was to be conducted in the residential complex of the airport inviting all the PSU’s. There the AAI was the host. The in-charge deputed many people to do various activities. But when it came to the cutting of grass and making the ground ready, the sub staffs and the labourers were reluctant to do so. They conveyed that it was not a part of their regular duty. The in-charge thought for a while and changed his uniform and with a grass-cutter he himself went out to cut the grasses. Suddenly there was a magic, and all the sub staffs started to work with the officer. So what was that? Yes, it was the right decision taken by the officer at the right time when time was a constraint and best preparation was required.

Decision-making is an art

The success of an organisation depends upon proper planning & execution. After planning, a rational decision has to be taken. Based upon that decision, which is the outcome of choosing from a number of alternatives, the operational activities are to be carried. So, decision-making plays a pivotal role in all the organisations.

Madhabi Guha Basu

Lead – Sustainability services, Consultivo

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