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A Consultivo creative intern story – My name is Sagnik and I’m a creative intern at Consultivo. June 2017, the first time I walked through those life changing doors.

I remember when I was completely bewildered about where I could possibly work during my summer vacations. But, then I found a second home.

A place which has been encouraging me to give my best shot at every task that I get. A place which has always given me the positive influence to bring out the best in me.

Here, I’m growing little by little, every day. My name is Sagnik and I’m a creative intern at Consultivo. June 2017 – the first time I walked through those life changing doors. Little did I know that I would be learning so much!

It is the work ethics and work dedication that has left a great impact on my mind.

I’m learning the professional style of interacting and understanding the target audience. My writing skills have reached a new level now. My journey has just begun of becoming a confident individual who can challenge himself every day and create an impact.

My first day started and I saw that a note saying – “Welcome Sagnik”, alongside a bowl of chocolates on my desk. It did make my morning. Actually, I was taken aback at the welcome session of my internship program itself. At the conference room, our internship coordinator, Medha gave us such a warm welcome. There we discussed about the different writing techniques, basic understanding of CCQI (Consultivo Content Quality Index) and our roles and responsibilities. She guided us throughout the internship and has been so sweet and sober the entire time. I have been really lucky to get a guide like her.

Creative Intern - Sagnik - Consultivo

My work is mainly focused on writing webpage contents for the organisation. Being a mass communication and journalism student, I have to admit that it is truly tough to write on the various sectors of business – occupational health & safety, social & sustainability, environment & energy, HR management, management system & business excellence.

But, the good thing is that there are always people who are willing to help you in here throughout the internship program. Never for a moment would you feel like you are struggling too hard to complete a task. They are always there to help you. Even in such a short span during my internship programme, I have connected so well with the Consultivo team.

The work atmosphere, the people, the motivation is off-the-charts. Consultivo never made us feel that it is a one-way communication process and has always provided us with a helping hand and valuable advice in every task that we carried out. Starting from task handling to website designing, I’m learning it all. Couldn’t be more grateful to Consultivo for this.

As my internship programme days in Consultivo are coming to an end, I do feel slightly melancholic for having to leave a wonderful place like this. But, I’m indeed very thankful to Consultivo for preparing me for the upcoming challenges and adventures in the professional world out there. This journey will forever be engraved in my mind and will be protected from the curse of the oblivion.

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