Starting off…Take a move. Make a change.

It’s important to prepare for your future and start thinking today about the impact you want to make tomorrow. So explore, experience and innovate! You have the opportunity to gain experience in an inclusive business environment long before you finish university.

Since day one, we’re committed to nurture the skills of the youth for the business world of tomorrow. Consultivo internship programmes are designed to give you an insight and awareness of business and to help you build your employability and other valuable skills.

Let’s work for a better tomorrow…

3 basic qualities you’ll need

Social & Sus stripe

Skills: Strong analytical skills, creative thinking and effective communication skills

Technology: Gadgets and digital media savvy

Strong desire: to learn, self-motivated, ability to multi-task and meet deadlines

3 ways you’ll learn with us

MS & BE strip

Through people: work with subject matter experts & benefit from a buddy system

Through learning & higher understanding: mentorship, training & guidance

Through experience: hands on real-life projects

The intern stories

Consultivo Internship Programmes

Together for a better tomorrow...

Here’s what you can enjoy with us!

Flexible work hours

We encourage higher flexibility in activity with greater freedom of work

Work from home: 1 day per week

CQI (Consultivo Quality Index)

The quality of your works would be measured by CQI. CQI considers the different aspects of a quality content and calculates its score. This way you’ll be able to compare, measure and understand your improvement. That’s your takeaway!

Weekend report

Weekends are always exciting. Yes, we’ll send you the analysis and summary of your week’s performance – your achievements and improvement points. Learn as you go!


We are celebrating life – every small or great achievement, learning, birthdays and more. We would be more than happy to make you a part of it.

Get featured in our blog

With your brilliant performance throughout the internship, get a chance to share your insight in our company blog.

Unlock your potential

Explore and master the skills you need for real world success

Inspiring work environment

From the industry experts to your internship buddies – work, learn, share and grow your network.


You deserve it! After the completion of the internship, you’ll be awarded a certificate of excellence (make sure to have high CQI score throughout) or certificate of internship.

Stipend and goodies

We would love to appreciate and acknowledge your performance in every way possible. Get a stipend, goodies and be a part of team Consultivo.

Take your pick!

Responsibilities and detailed projects will be determined based on your educational background, interest and skills

Creative Internship


Business communications

Content writing & curating

UX web designing

Digital marketing

Corporate event management

Visual communication

Graphic designing


Video making/editing

Gamification for interactive learning

Product promotion & marketing


Research Internship

Data managing & analysing


Field investigation

Research & documentation



HR & admin coordination


If your internship goes well, there’s a good chance you’ll be offered a position within the team you’ve been working for. That means the pressure to find a job during your final year at university is off – you can slot back into a team you’re already familiar with once you finish your degree.

How to apply?

At Consultivo, we handpick the interns throughout the year. So drop your CV along with a cover letter mentioning your desired post and interest. If your profile fits in, we would connect and notify you about the upcoming internship programmes.

Mail us at [email protected]

You may even apply through online application form or contact us through social media.

If all goes well, we’ll send you an assignment from where we’ll get to know your CQI score. If it is above 6 (in the scale of 10), we’ll get back to you and fix up the final personal/skype interview.

On your scheduled slot, we’ll be aiming to discover your individual strengths, and it will be your chance to learn more about us.

Your selection would be based on:

  1. CQI score
  2. personal interview
  3. psychometric assessment
  4. workplace behaviour

The main aim is for you to see what it’s like working at Consultivo, and for us to learn a little more about your natural strengths.

Do you want to be a part of our knowledge-driven team that’s creating an impact one at a time? Explore Consultivo Careers!