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The industry challenge in consultancy and advisory areas

When a company hires a management consultancy the usual criteria for selection are experienced consultants, impressive credentials and personal chemistry. But are they enough to ensure a mutually productive relationship? The historical challenge for companies seeking consultancy support, is that as such there is no barrier to entry in management consulting, and therefore little can be done against  to measure quality.

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500+ organisations

Our specialised resources have been leading the way to a sustainable business for more than 500 organisations/units since 2009.


In Consultivo, we have developed our internal controls on almost every aspect of how the consultancy is run: leadership and communications, business planning, business improvement, financial systems, campaign management, client satisfaction, new business, and people management. Each has been carefully constructed to represent the parts of a consultancy’s work that are essential to best practice of delivering to the client, and for employees and the managers of the business.

Integrated solutions tackle specific issues

Consultivo offers a wide range of solutions, such as Logistics Safety, which helps organisations find ways to make improvements in their logistics and vehicle safety performance; ESMS Protocol, which uses data analytics to provide clients with a detailed map of their Environment & Social compliance management performances; and many others designed for specific organisational needs and industry sector requirements.

Cosultivo product research team has designed many result oriented products, or “solutions”, where consultants are engaged to implement a predefined approach to a specific issue or problem. This is contrary to the standard way for a consulting firm to serve clients through a team of experts providing advice against a time based remuneration.

The solutions are generally data-orientated, tool-based, and having analytic capability.

Change in performance measurement approach

Organisations are increasingly moving away from the traditional performance management approach of ‘How much did we do?’ So we are continuously bringing evolution to our services to demonstrate more meaningful delivery of outcomes and measuring impact including ‘What difference did we make?’.

Result, impact and alignment to the business objectives are the common themes; what clients are looking for in our services. This forms the backdrop of every customised or standard service we deliver to our customers, be it consulting, audit, research or training.
Consultivo team has a wealth of industry knowledge, expertise, experience and insights of delivering consulting, audit, research or training services to ensure Results-Based Accountability.

High impact solutions
Our high-impact consulting closes that implementation gap by focusing on results, rather than stopping at the great ideas.


Innovation is crucial to our ability to retain competitive advantage, especially when faced with the economic pressures of today. The consulting industry was born out of this belief and continues to be a source of support for organisations looking for that expertise. We continue to develop our products and services to ensure that we stay at the cutting edge of innovative working practices.

Standard Development

Get benefit out of our vast experience of development of sustainability standards, codes & guidelines.

Solution-based approach

Solution orientation is a combination of things put together to deliver a higher impact with visible improvements.

Practical knowledgeable & competent resource

Customers get benefits out of our carefully developed knowledge culture.

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