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CSR is no longer just a buzz word in India; it however, needs to grow its roots in the soil to rise up in the sky. After making ways for funds and resources, the next logical step is to ensure utilization of this enormous fund in the most effective manner. India might be competing well with other leading countries in setting best CSR regulations; it certainly lags behind in using latest tools and methodologies for monitoring and evaluation of CSR activities.

A project cannot be claimed successful until its impact is measured.

Consultivo carries out the CSR impact assessment to & find out the actual effectiveness and achievement of the project thereby calculating its success. The impact assessment is carried out through various tools on a variety of parameters depending on the type/nature of the project, profile of the beneficiaries and its objective.


consultivo services

“Interventions without Impact Assessment are performance without knowing results.” After carefully examining the needs of a community and investing Funds & Resources into it, the assessment of the performance is to be done to ensure that the steps were taken in the right direction. Hence, CSR Impact assessment helps us in knowing:

  1. Whether the designed programs/interventions were right, in line with the organization’s mission/vision and as per the needs of the community.
  2. Whether we adopted the right mechanism and implementing agency for implementing the interventions.
  3. Whether we have achieved our goals and objectives decided at the beginning of the programs implemented.
  4. Whether we have any negative/unintended changes in the lives of the target community.

Thus, CSR impact assessment can play an important role in goal alignment for the CSR professionals with evaluation of project planning and implementation ensuring maximum Social Return on Investment (SROI).

Steps to be followed for CSR impact Assessment

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Following steps need to be followed for CSR Impact Assessment

  1. State your Vision, Mission, Goal(s) and Objective(s)
  2. Describe your actions/activities/projects on the field
  3. For each of your actions, find out direct and indirect outputs with the help of stakeholders analysis
  4. For each of the outputs, find out direct and indirect outcomes
  5. Calculate the impact by subtracting the outcomes which would have take place without your efforts from the outcomes produced out of your efforts
  6. Cross check the Impacts with your objectives to reach back to your vision
  7. Make necessary changes to improve upon the programs/projects to maximize the positive Impacts and prepare mitigation plan for the negative impacts created


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  1. Sampling plan & selection of representative sample defining the objective of the study (problem statement)
  2. Primary and secondary research work
  3. Organizing Focus Group Discussions (FGDs). These are basically brief meetings — usually one to two hours — with many potential uses, e.g. to address a particular concern; to build community consensus about implementation plans; to cross-check information with a large number of people; or to obtain reactions to hypothetical or intended actions.
  4. Participatory Rural Appraisals (PRA) if required. It is an approach used for incorporating the knowledge and opinions of rural people in the planning and management of development projects and programmes.
  5. Personal Interviews and observations
  6. Data validation, data coding and data analysis
  7. Report preparation

Recommendations and way forward planning