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Program Overview

Emergencies come in uninvited most of the time. Being prepared for one is the best way to prevent casualties and being able to expertly handle such situations. Our training programme in emergency preparedness not only ensures that your employees know the technical know-hows of emergency equipment but also where to go and how to keep themselves safe when such a situation arises.
What is emergency preparedness?

Emergency preparedness is the ability to be prepared for an emergency situation when such a crisis situation arises. Emergency preparedness, in other words, refers to the knowing of steps and strategies to ensure your own safety before, during or after an emergency situation. You never know what might hit you. So being prepared for anything and everything is the best way to keep yourself safe from both natural and man-made disasters.

Objective of the training programme

The training programme is designed to provide employees with knowledge of actions and strategies that need to be carried out by them in order to keep themselves safe during an emergency situation. The training programme aims to ensure that employees are trained properly to understand their duties and carry them out safely.

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Training Highlights

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Course Coverage

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How it will benefit you?

Explore the Benefits | Emergency Preparedness

1. Being able to make emergency response decisions

2. Knowing how to implement the knowledge of the various emergency response tools

3. Knowing how to plan out everything before, during and after an emergency situation

4. Ability to handle the situation smoothly and prevent chaos of any sort during such a situation.


Certificate | Emergency Preparedness

Each participant will receive a joint certificate from Consultivo Academy and Indian Society of Training & Development (ISTD)


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