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Energy Audit & Related Services

Energy consumption and conservation has been considered as one of the key sustainability issues across all industry sectors not only because of its immediate impact on production costs but also because of its considerable impact on environmental sustainability.

Energy audit is the the first step towards your comprehensive energy management strategy. Consultivo Energy Audit is best suited to organisations that require a detailed & objective (Instrumented and diagnostic) evaluation of their energy management system.

The audit identifies areas of strength & weakness and provides a structured approach to continual improvement.

Improving the energy efficiency meets the dual objectives of promoting sustainable development and of making the economy competitive.


Energy Audit

500+ organisations

Our specialised resources have been leading the way to a sustainable business for more than 500 organisations/units since 2009.

Who needs an Energy Audit?

Every kind of entity, be it a large manufacturing industry or a service unit, energy audit is one of the fundamental requirements for their loss prevention strategy. Few of the entities are mentioned below:

  • Manufacturing Units
  • Warehouses
  • Service Sectors like IT Hubs / Data Centers, Hospitals, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Educational Institutes
  • Office Buildings, housing & colonies

It is applicable for organisations of all sizes and types.

How can we work together?

Consultivo services in Energy Audit & Management include but are not limited to:

  • Comprehensive Energy Audit

Provides a 3600 picture of energy consumption and conservation

Key benefits of Energy Audit

Our instrumented and diagnostic energy audits provide practical insight into:

  • Clear understanding of energy consumption in your facilities
  • Modes of better utilisation of fossil resources and high-grade energy
  • Identifying cost saving opportunities in energy efficiency
  • exploration of renewable energy options

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Energy Audit Methodology

The Energy Audit process involves an in-depth examination of an organisation’s energy management system(s) with a focus on your key processes as well as utilities.

The general methodology of instrumented & diagnostic energy audit consists of the following:

  • Preliminary data analysis
  • Measurement at site
  • Data analysis
  • Recommendations based on economic viability-short term, medium term & long-term measures
  • Report submission, discussion of recommendation with the client & finalizing the report with the client

The scope of energy audit includes but not limited to:

  • Data Collection & Analysis of Power consuming equipment
  • Study the present Power consumption, Power factor, Voltage level and Harmonics level & K Factor in the Main Electricity Board
  • Study the cooling Towers & Pumps & Fans
  • Study the lighting loads
  • Study the Distribution system and arrive the distribution loss
  • Compare the Study result with benchmark /Standard and share report indicating our current status
  • ROI Calculation on any investment or suggestions
  • Phase-Phase / Neutral RMS Voltage variation and Transients
  • Load RMS Current variation and Abnormal peaks
  • Voltage and current trends
  • Voltage and Current Harmonics analysis


  • Electricity consumption & Electricity Billing
  • Electrical Distribution Networks
    • Transformers
    • LT Distribution Networks
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning system
  • Pumping systems
  • Other equipment & Drives
  • Illumination
  • Power Quality Study

The audit model is reflective of the recognised PLAN – DO – CHECK – ACT