Water Management

The global population is growing fast, and estimates show that with current practices, the world will face a 40% shortfall between forecast demand and available supply of water by 2030.

Water consumption and conservation have been considered as one of the key sustainability issues across all industry sectors not only because of its immediate impact on operating costs but also because of its considerable impact on environmental sustainability.

Water audit is the the one of the preliminary steps towards your comprehensive water management and sustainable development strategy. Consultivo Water Audit is best suited to organisations that require a detailed & objective (Instrumented and diagnostic) evaluation of their energy management system.

The audit identifies areas of strength & weakness and provides a structured approach to continual improvement.

Improving the water efficiency meets the dual objectives of promoting sustainable development and of making the economy competitive.


Water Management

500+ organisations

Our specialised resources have been leading the way to a sustainable business for more than 500 organisations/units since 2009.

Who needs a Water Audit?

Every kind of entity, be it a large manufacturing industry or a service unit, water audit is one of the fundamental requirements for their loss prevention and sustainable development strategy. Few of the entities are mentioned below:

  • Manufacturing Units
  • Service Sectors like Hospitals, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Educational Institutes
  • Office Buildings, housing & colonies

It is applicable for organisations of all sizes and types.

Key Benefits of Water Audit

Our diagnostic water audits provide practical insight into:

  • Clear understanding of water consumption in your facilities
  • Modes of better utilisation of water resources and high-grade energy
  • Identifying cost saving opportunities through water efficiency
  • Exploration of water harvesting and recharging options

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What can we do for you?

Water Audit, Water Footprint, Water Mapping, Water Accounting

Our water audits are conducted through a multi-step methodology to meet your needs.

1. Preliminary assessment & data analysis:

  • Facility Mapping in terms of source and use of water
  • An analysis of historical water use
  • Pre-audit information based on schematic diagram

2. Site visit:

  • Discussion with plant and process personnel regarding the plant and process requirements
  • On-site survey and assessment of water-using hardware, fixtures, equipment, landscaping, and management practices to determine the efficiency of water use
  • Study of both demand and consumption side – sources of water and corresponding quantities of water drawn from the sources

3. Data analysis:

  • Determination of baselines and benchmarking where applicable

4. Comprehensive water audit report:

The report provides a 3600 picture of energy consumption & conservation and consists of:

  • Fundamentals of water, use of water as a natural resource & water management
  • Determination of efficiency of water usage, mass balance of water consumption, data processing and gap analysis
  • A range of practical and cost effective measures for sustainable water saving and reducing consumption
  • Annual financial savings, payback periods and return on investment for the various water saving initiatives suggested
  • Possibilities of rainwater harvesting
  • GRI G4 metrics

5. Staff training and systems awareness programme

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