Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

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Environment and Social Impact Assessment is a decision making tool in a project development for the investors & borrowers who would be affected by these risks associated with the project & hence prepare their future action plan based on the same. It provides the social licence for a project to operate. It act as a preventive tool so that the E & S risks can be addressed at an earlier stage by the stakeholders therefore reducing its risks in other stages of project life cycle  & thus ensure sustainable development of the project in entirety.

How can Consultivo help you:

consultivo services

Consultivo carries out Environment & Social impact assessment for development projects in various industries like steel, chemical, mines, power, infrastructure etc. Our team of experts comprises of environment, economics, ecology, biodiversity, hydrology & social/community experts who can identify the probable E & S risks associated with a project. The experts are management professionals who have an in depth understanding of local & national legislation along with international best practices & guidelines like International Finacial Corporation Performace Standard ( IFC PS),  World Bank Guidelines , Asian Development Bank ( ADB), European Bank for Reconstruction & Development guideline ( EBRD) & Equator Principles.

Environment & Social Impact Assessment is a combination of both Environmental Impact Assesment & Social Impact Assessment. Hence ESIA involves all the steps that forms of both EIA & SIA.

Screening & Scoping Process

 Consultivo carries out screening & scoping for the projects. Screening is the first step in any project wherein the decision for full EIA is made. It involves Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) which identifies the probable major environmental impact & thus establishing the need for EIA or not. Scoping is the next step , in case it is established from the screening that an EIA needs to be carried out. Scoping process ensures that only the significant and critical effects are focussed upon. Thus Scoping establishes & defined the “Terms of Reference” of the EIA study.  Scoping as well as identify the involvement of degree of various stakeholders in the process. Consultivo’s team of environmental experts ensures that screening & scoping is carried out in a manner so that the an appropriate “Terms of Reference”is outlined thus ensuring that both money & time is saved as well as the major risks are identified & mitigated.

 Baseline Environmental and Social Assessment

Consultivo conducts environmental & social impact baseline assessment or survey that act as a measuring criteria for all the environmental & social impacts created by a project during its life cycle.

The environmental aspects will include Land use pattern, Air, Noise, Wind, Soils and geology, Surface water analysis, Hydrogeological impact assessment, Archeological impact assessment, Biodiversity, Ecology- Flora & Fauna, waste management etc

The social aspects will include issues on Resettlement & Rehabilitation, livelihood, occupation, socio economic conditions, cultural heritage, health issues etc.

We perform baseline assessment a combination of the existing information ie secondary data & collecting primary data through field studies, stakeholder interviews & consultations, focused group study, documentation review and data collection regarding environmental indicators. The baseline studies measures the gaps with the national & local legal requirements as well as those of investors viz International Financial Corporation ( IFC PS), Kfw, Equator Principle Members, World Bank, Asian Development Bank etc.

Consultivo carries out baseline assessment that leads to identification of the potential risks & impacts, evaluate their significance & suggest corrective & preventive action plan to mitigate the same through appropriate measures. The implementation of mitigation measures ensures that the project is socially & environmentally sustainable throughout its life cycle.

 Environmental and Social Management Plan

The Environmental and Social Management Plan ( ESMP) is an excellent tool to address & mitigate the environmental & social risks that would occur in the life cycle of the project ie during precommissioning, operation & during closure. Consultivo helps to develop the Environment & Social Management Framework that would take care of the risks. IESMP helps to monitor the risks & ensure that correction, corrective action or preventive actions are taken so that the project runs successfully.  We also ensure capacity building through suitable training programs. Consultivo also integrates the ESMP with the other management systems thus reducing the time & cost.



Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) is an important tool used in pre planning stage that is used to identify the risks that can adversely affect the progress of any project. It helps to identify & measure the possible impacts of the project that might be caused on the community & environment due to the project.