Environment & Social Management System

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The Environmental & Social Management System ( ESMS) ensures & facilitates the management of the E & S Risks in all the project phases ie construction, operation & decommissioning.  The risks are thus managed in a systematic way throughout the project life cycle. It includes defining the objectives of the ESMS, the procedures & guidelines for measuring & monitoring the E & S Risks, assignment of roles, responsibilities & authorities, capacity building & training, documentation requirements, assessing the ESMS Gap, taking Environment & Social Action Plan ( ESAP), periodical review of ESMS, reporting methodology  & verification of corrective action plans & their effectiveness.

How can Consultivo help you:

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The experts are management professionals who have an in depth understanding of local & national legislation along with international best practices & guidelines like International Finacial Corporation Performance Standard ( IFC PS),  World Bank Guidelines , Asian Development Bank ( ADB), European Bank for Reconstruction & Development guideline ( EBRD) & Equator Principles.  Consultivo can help you in all the aspects of an Environment & Social Management System by:


  • Developing an Environment & Social Management System Framework
  • Implementing an Environment & Social Management System
  • Conducting Environment & Social Due Diligence (ESDD) as part of ESMS
  • Capacity Building on ESMS
  • Third party Independent Audit on ESMS
  • Periodical Review of ESM

 Key Benefits :

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The Environment & Social Management System ( ESMS) benefits both the investor & the borrower by

  • Preventing loses & damage to the project by identifying the risks & mitigating the same through Environment & Social Action Plan ( ESAP)
  • Integrating the environmental & social aspects under a common framework
  • Addresses the Environmental & Social in all phases of the project life cycle
  • Ensuring effective & efficient management of the E & S Risks.
environment & social management system


The environment & social management system is a structure for framework which defines procedures for identifying & managing the Environmental & Social risks.