We believe in sustained, impactful improvement in social and environmental performance and meeting supplier requirements through offering Supply Chain related audit, assessment, consulting, research and training on the key components of an Ethical Supply Chain – Human Rights and Labour, Environment and Business Ethics.

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What do you gain?

  • Provide an accurate assessment of your suppliers’ capabilities to meet your requirements
  • Identify areas where suppliers need to take action to meet your requirements
  • Analyse ways for suppliers to improve performance

Ethical Supply Chain management

What Consultivo can do for you in the field of Ethical Supply Chain Management?

For the ethical supply chain management of your organisation, Consultivo comes up with sector specific expertise. We have earned such experience through our credentials & practice in different types of industries viz tea, agri, food & beverages, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), garment, chemicals, cement, steel etc.

Assessment and Audit:(1st Party, 2nd Party- Buyer’s Audit and 3rd Party)

Independent Assessment is an effective way of identifying both good practices and areas for improvement within an organisation’s ethical supply chain management system. Consultivo is an entrusted partner of several International and National buyers for auditing/assessing their supply chain and ensure compliance with their requirements. Consultivo helps them to manage their supply chain risks.
Our second party supply chain services offer tailored client-specific assessment solutions to give you an additional level of assurance over and above your certified management system(s) that organisations serving your supply chain are operating to a consistently high level.

Training, Hand holding & Capacity Building

Training, awareness and capacity building of the different levels of workforce are an integrated and critical aspect. Consultivo conducts training on elements of ethical supply chain & how to implement the same in your organisation.
Consultivo trainers use state of art training methodologies that ensure application-oriented learning with high retention. For details, follow Consultivo Training

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