Fire risk assessment

A fire risk management is a comprehensive & holistic approach to assess the potential of outbreak of fire and providing solutions for mitigation. An organised and methodical approach to detect, prevent and mitigate any condition that will lead to fire at your premises due to the activities carried out on your premises.

The basis of the process is a Fire Risk Management that is conducted to investigate the likelihood that a fire could start and cause harm to those in and around the premises, based on the existing fire load in the location/property.

This unique single window service from Consultivo provides loss prevention solution to safeguard life, assets & environment, minimises downtime & supply chain interruptions. This also helps an organisation to meet requirements of KORE Fire Safety & OHS management systems like OHSAS 18001.

Any organisation regardless of its size and nature of operation in the manufacturing and service sector need to go for a periodic, comprehensive fire risk assessment.

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Fire Risk Assessment

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What Consultivo can do for you in the field of Fire Risk Management?

Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)

• Identification of all statutory requirement related to fire safety applicable for the applicable property, area and people
• Verification of combustible material inventory
• Visit of the location/facility to identify existing fire hazards
• Evaluation of the fire risk by estimating of fire load, people at risk, severity, etc.
• Identification of fire risk zone

Gap Analysis

• Measure the gap in the present/existing firefighting system with recommendations for continual improvement
• Gap analysis of Legal requirement with present status

Inspection of existing fire and safety equipment

Compliance and performance checks on sample basis for fire and safety equipment like fire hydrant system, fire extinguishers, fire detecting systems, fire alarms, etc. situated at all areas of the depot.

Recommendations to comply industry practices and legal requirement

• Provide recommendations to comply industry good practices and legal requirements
• Recommendations on relevant firefighting equipment

Consulting support for fire safety management system

Our unique consulting methodology includes
a. An initial gap assessment to understand the level of alignment of your existing fire safety system vis-a-vis requirements of different standards, guidelines & best practices.
b. Discussion with your top management to understand their organisational vision, mission, directions, resource mobilisation ability & priority areas and align the existing system accordingly.
c. Customised recommendation and suggesting control measures to suit your organisational requirements and continual improvement.

Training – Awareness/Implementation on Safety Audit

Training, awareness and capacity building of the different levels of workforce is a very integrated & critical element of an effective and productive fire safety management system. We provide all fire safety related training & capacity building including training of Internal Safety Auditors.
Consultivo trainers use state of art training methodologies that ensure application-oriented learning with high retention. For details, follow Consultivo Training.

Why choose Consultivo?

1. Customised approach
2. Industry-focused methodology
3. Competent and experienced fire risk assessment professionals
4. Cost-effective solution
5. Implemented concept of key account management

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