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Functional Safety Training courses from Consultivo Academy and ConSkills offer a 360 degree range of training and personal qualifications through different modes like In organisation, Onsite, Public Courses and eLearning.

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Assuring safety for your organisation

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Safety Training

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Our specialised resources have been leading the way to safer workplaces for more than 400 organisations since 2009.

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What Consultivo can do for you in the field of Functional Safety Training

From general occupational health & safety requirements to specific fields of application for industries, our training courses help organisations to minimise risk by ensuring that the personnel are appropriately trained, to reduce the risk of accidents and subsequent loss.

Our training modules are tailored to meet your needs.

We deliver the broadest range of training opportunities, from short introductory sessions devised for decision-makers, to detailed modules designed for workers, supervisors, line managers to HSE professionals on different safety aspects across the industries, customised to meet the organisation’s OHS and business objectives.

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Blended Corporate Learning Solutions on Functional Safety

Our innovative & research-based learning technologies and engaging corporate training solutions content can be customised to help your organisation to transform performance through PEOPLE – the most vital element of safety.

Consultivo Academy and ConSkills training can help your organisation to protect lives, develop critical competencies and empower employees throughout your company, making your business more competitive.

Blended Learning: We offer a full range of integrated learning technologies and engaging content to help your workforce develop the desired critical skills as per the competence mapping.

We offer classroom trainings, on-site activity-based trainings and e-learning solutions to help you bring your organisation closer to its employee-development goals. We extend our services to you assess, build, implement and extend your safety training solutions program, as well as evaluate their effectiveness.

Training Topics: Choose from a Consultivo Academy library of over 100 programs. Happy to help you to customise your bespoke safety training program from ideation to delivery.

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