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HR Due-Diligence

Due diligence is an investigative process of collecting and analyzing appropriate, relevant data before reaching a decision with a goal of understanding the advantages, disadvantages and risks associated with the decision (Source: International Business Standards Association).

This is a Snapshot of the internal and external corporate identity and recognition and status of the formal and informal leaders to recognise and motivate them within the organisation. This also helps to understand the scenarios of change management and take action plans as and when required.

What matters a lot!

The 2 driving forces for ensuring a sustainable business.

HR Due-Diligence

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Consultivo in HR Due-Diligence

  • Identifying human resource management risks
  • Ascertaining availability of fitting interventions for mitigating identified human resource management risks
  • Determining employment costs of the prospective business
  • Assessing organisational leadership models
  • Assessing the human resource management process of the deal


  •  By identifying challenges to the management in each key area
  •  Determining probability of each challenge
  •  Determining the impact of each challenge
  •  Determining the manageability of each challenge
  •  Developing an action plan for handling each challenge

HR Due-Diligence checklist

Consultivo carries out HR Due-Diligence through an audit with the help of a checklist. The checklist contains the following components – 

  1. National political, social and cultural framework
  2. Strategy, workforce composition and organisation
  3. HR administration and measurement
  4. Legal framework
  5. Recruitment
  6. Review of key contracts of employment
  7. Training and development
  8. Remuneration and pay administration
  9. Benefits
  10. Sick leave and sickness pay and benefits
  11. Employee financial participation
  12. Performance and quality management
  13. Working time
  14. Leave and time-off
  15. Equality
  16. Employee representation and corporate communication
  17. Security and safety
  18. Internal rules, discipline and grievance procedures
  19. Termination of contract
  20. Retirement and pensions

Benefits of HR Due-Diligence

  • HR audit helps clarify the department’s role and leads to greater uniformity, especially in the geographically scattered and decentralised HR function of large organisations. Perhaps most important, it finds problems and ensures compliance with a variety of laws and strategic plans in an organisation.

How can we work together?

  • Integration of human resource management policies and processes, organisational culture and employee information systems
  • Consolidation of employee benefits
  • Consolidation of organisational structure
  • Consolidation of career path and succession plan
  • Consolidation of talent profile
  • Establishment and deployment of communication plan for effective change management


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