Social Compliance Management

Social compliance, a fundamental part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainability or accountability programme with unified set of policies and practices which promoting, enforcing sustainability practices, and setting up programs to contribute to their communities through which an organisation seeks to ensure the adherence to its code of conduct.

It’s a continuous process in which organisations endeavour to protect the health, safety, and rights of their employees, the community and environment in which they operate, and the lives and communities of workers in their supply and distribution chains.

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Social Compliance Management

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Consultivo in Social Compliance Management

Good social compliance management helps to address challenging social issues and it is an ongoing process and an organisation follows all its components for its functioning in an integrated way. The components are following:

  • Identifying the key issues
  • Assessing gap
  • Evaluating risks
  • Developing code of conduct
  • Planning, communicating and training
  • Measurement and monitoring compliance
  • Remediation of violation
  • Independent auditing and reviewing
  • Reporting performance

How can we work together?

Identifying the key issues

It is the first and foremost requirement for any management to identify the relevant organisation, people and group. Consultivo helps by identifying the key issues related to the relevant groups before going into assessing risks and other components to scheduled a particular social compliance management system.

Assessing risk and gaps

The Consultivo management system assess the risk related to the identified issues for managing the existing or potential impact of each of the threats and risks related to the legal and social non-compliances or any ethical misconduct. It helps in providing the comprehensive framework for mitigating the risk related to legal, financial, business, reputational impact for better social compliance management.

Developing code of conduct

It provides a single flexible guideline as the framework for code of conduct based on legal requirements, environmental requirements, ethical standards for social compliance management. It helps to maintain the synergy between the compliances and the organisation by enhancing awareness in the field of child labour, health & safety, working hours, wages and other supply chain issues by following all policy and procedure in a controlled manner.

Planning, communication & training

Consultivo facilitates communication plan and training consisting of the solutions based on the code of conduct and the other compliance policies by auditing, verification, and supply chain management. It also organises training and awareness programmes based on social compliance policies for global best practices as the social issues can have its impact on reputation and long term sustainability of an organisation.

Measurement and monitoring compliances

Consultivo provides a framework for measuring and monitoring plan through audit and inspections of suppliers with the aim of improving the social performance and enhancing working condition for different organisation. It helps in tracking all the results and provide remediation plan to resolve the non-compliance issues to address the respective stakeholders at the supplier’s end with corrective actions.

Independent audit and reviewing

Consultivo helps in planing and scheduling the audit and reviewing process through site visits, data collection and organising audit history, audit reports consisting with recommendations for remediation. The recommendations are based on the findings on social compliance issues related to safety, health, grievance mechanism, disciplinary practices and worker’s facilities etc. which helps to find the gaps in the whole social compliance management system for an organisation.

Remediation of violation

Consultivo enables a consistent approach in investigating and solving the non-compliance issues relating to management, supplier etc. and also helps to reduce the probability of occurrence in repetition of those issues. It helps to monitor and ensure that the issues are taken care through remediation and corrective actions.

Reporting performances

Consultivo follows standardised reporting method after monitoring and reviewing the whole process and performances. It provides the status or condition of social compliance level at customer or supplier end. It enables to visualise the ground reality and progress on the social compliance issues through analysing it with scheduled parameters.

Social Compliance Management methodology

social compliance management

The most powerful social compliance management is designed to address the fundamental labour standards identified by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) covering collective bargaining, freedom of association, employment discrimination, child labour and forced labour as well as other labour standards such as occupational safety and health, wages and working hours.

Benefits of social compliance management

  • Enable a systematic and structured approach to managing social compliance and customer audits
  • Helps to access the best corporate practices through aligning social compliance with corporate compliance
  • Improve social and environmental conditions through a continuous improvements
  • Cost and resource management through social compliance process such as audit, inspection findings and reporting
  • Measuring and monitoring the social compliance initiatives from a single and centralised framework
  • Helps in managing the non-compliance issues related to legal requirements and other social compliance requirements
  • Helps in streamlining social compliance issues and trends in the industry


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