Baseline study, CSR project evaluation and reporting for a steel industry for their mining activities


Baseline study, CSR project evaluation for a steel industry for their mining activities


Consultivo has been entrusted by an international impact investment bank to conduct a baseline assessment for the rehabilitation and resettlement activities, CSR projects and community engagement to understand the social risks and to further develop the plans for mitigating the risks. International Finance Corporation (IFC) guidelines, World Bank Sectoral Guidelines, Country Legislations and Industry Best Practices have been considered as the terms of reference for this project. The outcome of the entire process is reported in the form of AESPR (Annual Environment & Social Performance Reporting) and in line with ‘Equator Principles’.

As this is a continuous project since a couple of years, the organisation could reduce their risks related to Social, Environmental and Safety issues and the performance baseline has been improved leading to a reduction of sustainability risks for the investor.

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