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Energy and Utilities


For any industry, Energy and Utilities are of paramount importance. By energy, we mean all forms of energy including electricity, coal, liquid petroleum, LPG, NG and any other forms of energy. Procurement, storage, distribution of all forms of energy and their efficient utilisation are generally referred to as energy management.

Utilities cover areas such as water supply, water treatment, water management, Oxygen generation & supply, compressed air production & distribution, DG set, compressed nitrogen generation & distribution, etc. Handling and treatment of wastes including solid waste and effluent treatment facilities also come under Utilities.




All organisations use energy for running their operation in varying degrees. Some are very energy intensive organisations like steel, aluminium while others are less energy intensive like service industries.

The key challenge before the industries in the areas of energy is to minimise specific energy consumption and minimisation of all forms of losses. Using electricity at a lower Power factor in a smelting shop causes inefficient energy consumption. Similarly, leakage of steam from HP Steam header in a power plant causes huge wastage of energy. The implication of this loss of energy or inefficient use of energy is twofold. Firstly, it adds up to the cost of per unit of production and secondly, it shoots up the GHG emission causing high impact on the overall on environment. Sustainability of the process become at stake.


How Consultivo can help?


1. Consultivo can provide a comprehensive energy audit to analyse the ground situation and suggest measures to improve energy efficiency
2. Develop a comprehensive energy balance, gas balance and electricity balance chart for your organisation
3. Suggest methods of re-use of waste energy, minimise consumption through process modification
4. Help in reducing GHG emission and carbon foot print
Consultivo has done similar activity in a number of industries including steel and aluminium




Utilities are essential part of any industry. There is hardly any industry which does not use any utilities.

Challenges faced by Industry: There are a number challenges in this area. There are legal compliances necessary from state and central pollution control boards in the matters of sourcing water either from underground or from river or other water bodies. Water is a natural resource whose conservation is extremely important. Similarly, for storage, processing and disposal of all kind of wastes, legal compliances are necessary.


How Consultivo can help?


1. Provide assessment or audit for utility management areas using ISO 14001 standard and the industry benchmarks for good practices
2. Provide help and support for compliance to all legal requirements
3. Provide recommendations, guidelines for water management, other services management like compressed air, DG and other similar services
4. Can help your organisation in the matters of waste management and disposal

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