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Retail Supply Chain Sustainability

The retail business which includes shopping malls, hypermarkets, supermarkets, departmental stores & warehouses are an integral part of supply chain and plays a very pivotal role in the consumers’ mind as the face of supply chain family.

Stakeholder pressure from investors, shareholders, customers and nonprofits to push sustainability into the supply chain has significantly increased in recent years. The recently launched Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines also requires an increased focus on sustainability throughout the supply chain.

Retail business sustainability management is key to maintaining the integrity of a brand, ensuring business continuity and managing operational costs.

consultivo retail supply chain sustainability

Responsible supply chain

By managing and improving environmental, social and economic performance throughout supply chains, companies can conserve resources, optimise processes, uncover product innovations, save costs, increase productivity and promote corporate values. Research shows the business case for supply chain sustainability is growing. The business cases demonstrate that apart from improving the business bottom-line, companies gain significantly through improvement in consumer perception & confidence resulting into enhanced brand image.

consultivo retail supply chain sustainability

Explore the Consultivo unique solutions in Ethical Supply Chain Management services.

Retail Supply Chain Sustainability

500+ organisations

Our specialised resources have been leading the way to safer workplaces for more than 500 organisations/units since 2009.

How can we work together?

Consultivo solutions are customised, innovative, inclusive and business case. Consultivo can help you achieve sustainability goals through our integrated advisory solutions that can be applied to every stage of your Retail Business and are provided by an expert team.

  • Retail-SafeComprehensive Safety Assessment for Retail Business

This is an integrated solution developed by Consultivo for the retail business which includes shopping malls, hypermarkets, supermarkets, departmental stores & warehouses. The integrated service includes different independent and interdependent modules:
1. Fire Safety Audit
2. Electrical Safety Audit
3. General OHS (Occupational Health & Safety) Audit

  • Specialised Study

1. Thermography study of the electrical entities

2. Ergonomic study of the workplace

  • Energy Efficiency Audits
  • Social Audits
  • Training & Capacity Building

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