An Overview on Behaviour Based Safety | Presentation


Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) is the “application of the science of behaviour change to real-world safety problems”. Human behaviour is a function of Activators (what needs to be done), Competencies (how it needs to be done) and Consequences (what happens if it is done).

Study of human behaviour is important as most accidents are caused by a worker’s action. It is important to study human psychology as an understanding of this may help change this unsafe behaviour.

There are various reasons due to which human accidents take place. Some of them may be comfort, saving time, convenience, lack of understanding and training, being complacent, wrong safety focus, celebrating production over safety, etc.

This presentation on behaviour based safety gives an insight into the causes of accidents due to which behaviour based safety becomes necessary, the study of human behaviour, various factors influencing human behaviour, ABC analysis, BBS awareness, techniques to modify human behaviour, etc.

Safety is for all. There’s no confidentiality in it. This is an initiative by Consultivo to spread awareness, motivation & specialised knowledge. Consultivo aims to empower people enabling loss prevention.

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