Mapping the CSR Space in India | ICC-Consultivo Knowledge Report

Published on January 2019 | Consultivo Knowledge Bank | Social & Sustainability


The ICC-Consultivo Knowledge Report on DOING WELL BY DOING GOOD – Mapping the CSR Space in India was launched at the ICC Social Impact Summit on 11th January 2019. (Explore the event)


This report analyses the aspects related to CSR such as policy, committee, director’s reports, annual disclosure and spends of companies as on 31 March 2018.

The objective is to understand the CSR space in India in terms of legislative compliance, developmental initiatives with reference to respective thematic areas and alignment of sustainable development goals (SDG).

The outcome of the study focuses on the fact that CSR is perceived not just a compliance requirement or another form of indirect expense but an important tool for protecting and enhancing the brand image, increasing competitiveness and inclusive growth along with the community.

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