New age corporate training

Change is inevitable and professional learning is no exception. The world of corporate training is undergoing a surge of change. The change in the outlook of the learners; change in the learning behaviour. It is this new behaviour that is changing the corporate training model, along with the new technologies. To meet this challenge, the trainers now need to focus on the learning methodologies rather than concentrating only on the content of the training.

Change is inevitable and professional learning is no exception.

Learning is changing.

To meet the challenge, Consultivo Academy has designed the best possible learning experience for adult learners. Through our research & development process, we are continuously innovating new ways to meet the changing needs of our learners.

In collaborative learning, two or more people learn or attempt to learn something together.
So, in Consultivo Academy courses we have incorporated problem-based discussions, reflection.
larning is changing2

Active learning is also called brain-based learning. It is a participant cantered learning process. Consultivo trainers are now occupying another significant role as guides.In Consultivo Academy training programs, we use Action Learning Sets, which is a group learning technique designed to guide learners through solving real-world problems by applying their training.

larning is changing3
Consultivo Academy research team has worked hard on the personalization to the learning experience. Due to the multiple individual needs of the learners, different types of interventions are applied in Consultivo’s training programs.
larning is changeing4

Many times, the participating executives unfortunately does not pay attention to the fact that the compulsory learning environment is not conducive to adult learning pedagogy.In Consultivo Academy training programs, favourable learning environment are available not by chance but it is well designed and planned.


Studies have shown that using different types of learning improves an individual’s engagement with the topic, retention of information and overall satisfaction.We work with you to identify the best approach for your unique requirements and people learning styles.

In addition to our core face-to-face delivery, we provide additional resources to support your learning, including Participant Manuals, FAQ Guides, hints, tips and fact sheets which align with the course objectives, content and delivery methods.

The standardised courses have their own limitation.Thus Consultivo have designed each and every in-organisation course suitable to one’s learning objective in view.

Change is Inevitable, Embrace it

Change is inevitable and professional learning is no exception.

The changing concepts of corporate training is inevitable, and we are increasingly moving toward an age in which the adult are becoming more demanding in their understanding of how learning looks and how it enhance their competence to deliver in a challenging corporate environment.

So if you would like to find out more about how to change your own training initiatives to bring them in line with the way people learn, contact any of our Learning & Development Consultants. They can elaborate on how we create engaging content more in line with the type of resources that your organisation have and explain how to enable continuous learning in teams and individuals with In-organisation Consultivo Academy workshops.