What is Logistic Safety Assessment?

Logistics safety assessment is primarily assessing the safety aspects related to all activity involved in logistics. Logistics safety is a very critical aspect to all those companies (cement, steel, power, beverages etc) which includes large transport operation, deals with large number of drivers and operators. It is one of the most critical activities in terms of accidents and fatalities. Hence requires utmost importance from the top management of an organisation.



What CONSULTIVO  can do for you in the field of Logistic Safety

Traffic layout and their movement inside the plant
• Condition of Vehicle parking yard and roads
• Logistics risk assessment
• Raw material unloading area
• Finished product loading area
• Warehouse safety management
• Signage and their effectiveness
• Compliance to legal requirements
• Operators competence
• System of ensuring vehicle and equipment fitness
• Journey Risk Management.

What we offer

• Assessment of the logistics safety system based on a customized protocol developed by Consultivo technical team.
• Solution for managing Transport contractor’s safety
• Complete solutions on vehicle, traffic, road safety
• Training for the personnel working in Logistics management

Journey Risk Management

Different risks are associated throughout the journey of the raw materials from their origin to the plants and finished goods from plants to their respective destinations. Identification and management of these risks are crucial for an organisation especially which is involved in large transport activity.

What we offer

• Identification of different journey risks and mapping them as per the route molestone wise.
• Priorisation and risk rating of the identified risks as per Consultivo developed protocol.
• Development of drivers/operators handbook as a ready reckoner.