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Consultivo is a management advisory and consulting firm helping global businesses in the areas of Sustainability, Business Excellence & Risk Management – both in strategic and operational level.

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Our vision is enabling impact together, for a better tomorrow.


As a trusted improvement partner, we support organisations and society to achieve a sustainable future by application of knowledge and innovation.

Core Values – Our common language

Our values guide us in everything we do and they are non-negotiable.


  • Building trust through integrity, transparency and sincerity and we are caring and respectful towards environment & community.
  • We facilitate social impact
  • Improving our existing standard – Driven by knowledge, we believe in Inspiring Excellence
  • Innovation – creating an environment for innovation. Goal is not just to apply best practices, but to invent it
  • Agility – Decision rights to the teams closest to the information
  • Collaboration and partnership

Reflected in our continuous effort to develop new bespoke services and improve our existing standards to a higher level, compared to what we delivered yesterday. For this, research, creativity and innovation are integral part of our operation.

  • Value delivered – We constantly strive to improve our value proposition to our customers, who are.
  • Enabling customers to create impact in a sustainable way

Our Customers are our most important stakeholders in business. The deliverables are customised so carefully for each assignment we take up, so that the customer’s pain/need areas are adequately addressed. None of our services are based on what we can deliver; but what customers want us to deliver. We want to serve our customers competently, efficiently, knowledgeably and with impartiality.

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  • Respect & care for every individual we come across
  • Respecting the diversity of thoughts and beliefs
  • Support and empower team members – We believe in our people, invest in them and facilitate empowerment

Our success is dependent upon the collective energy and intelligence, creativity and sincerity of all our team members. We strive to create a work environment where motivated team members can flourish and succeed to their highest potential. They get empowered in the whole process. We appreciate effort and reward results. We take responsibility for our own success and failures.

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  • Committed to increasing long-term shareholder value

We are stewards of our shareholders’ investments and recognise that profits are essential to create capital for growth, prosperity, opportunity, job satisfaction and job security.

It all started in June 2009. A new venture was launched to cater to the local as well global sustainability & business excellence consulting domain.

“We struggled to meet the daily requirements of the business, as well as corporate growth and development. We were in the process of inculcating a value system and a long-standing vision to be the best in the industry. We’ve been fortunate to meet amazing colleagues and they paved the path towards the next level. Our people luck is always enviable. Deep in our heart, we believe, whatever tiny contribution we could make to the industry so far is due to the brilliant, dedicated, and kind people around us”, recollects Saikat.

Madhabi hounds her skills in management systems, people development, behavioural sciences, research activities & project management.

During the course of time, there was a need for a new-age technology-driven solution provider which will cater to the growing & changing need of not only the businesses but also civil society organisations & developing banks & government as well – expanding the working horizon.

Committed to a better tomorrow

  • Integrity Pledge
  • Vision Zero Pledge
  • UN Pledge
  • Carbon Footprint
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We’re recognized thought leaders in the space of ESG, Sustainability and Risk Management.

The Journey


Our journey began in June 2009, when Saikat Basu along with Madhabi Guha started their journey on Sustainability and Business Excellence Consulting.

Before starting up his venture, Saikat was working with one of the world’s largest and respected risk management organisation and was groomed as an assessor, trainer & technical expert in many management areas like Quality, Environment, Occupational Health & Safety, Strategic Planning, Human Resource and Project Management. He has honed his skills in change management – a positive change.

With further maturity, he started moving from micro to macro, technology to business, the process to people, problems to solutions.

This leads him to the new road of entrepreneurship in 2009 by starting an advisory & consulting organisation that was fundamentally built to provide customised solutions to the organisation’s business risk.

The trigger

After 1990, the globalisation started taking shape in countries like India and global codes, standards, certifications & benchmarks were introduced to Indian businesses; few by choice, most by compulsion. Industries had no other choice to become more competitive & sustainable. The words – quality, safety, environmental protection, social responsibility, productivity, business excellence were all around. But industries were not really sure how to start their journey towards excellence. Organisations were looking for solutions for sustainable development. The journey from profitable business & responsible business started.

In due course of time, we were keen to build a new brand. Consultivo was co-founded by Saikat Basu & Madhabi Guha on 16 Feb 2016.

Consultivo is a management advisory and consulting firm helping global businesses in the areas of Sustainability, Business Excellence & Risk Management – both in strategic and operational level.

The Journey continues

We partner with you to offer independent services that helps you to reduce risk, streamline processes and operate in a more sustainable manner.

Consultivo Policies

Consultivo is guided by four core subject policies to achieve the company vision in long-term time horizon –

Quality Policy
Environmental Policy
Business Ethics Policy
People Policy

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