Celebrating National Safety Week – Consultivo’s technical session on process safety

Glimpses of the session on the National Safety Week celebration at IIChE, Jadavpur University [Speakers in the photo (L-R): Prof V K Srivastava, Mr A K Naskar, Mr Swapan K Bandopadhyay]

The initiative has a prime goal to spread awareness and renew the commitment of the people & employees of various organisations to work safely and to ensure the integration of OHS in their work culture and lifestyle.

This year, as part of the 47th National Safety Week initiative on 10 March 2018, Consultivo presented a technical session on “Fire Safety in Hazardous Process Industries” organised by the Calcutta Regional Centre, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (CRC-IIChE) at Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

The core objective of the initiative was to spread awareness and renew the commitment of the people & employees of various organisations to work safely throughout the year and to ensure the integration of Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) in their work culture and life style.

He gave an insight into the loss control calculation, risk analysis and the consequences of fire & explosion, the major causes of loss of life & production in industries. He further discussed the effect of toxic gas release which affects the environment and in turn, poses a critical risk to our lives & surroundings.

The programme began with a welcome note of address by the Chairman of CRC and Prof. V.K. Srivastava, President, IIChE. Then, Mr. A K Nashkar, Secretary of NSC (W.B) briefed on the significance of National Safety Day and the importance of MOC (Management of Change). “Evolution of risk-based process safety” was also one of the topics which was elaborated by eminent speakers.

This safety week programme witnessed the presence of eminent people from the industry, government organisations, academia including process safety managers & engineers, compliance auditors & officials. This initiative would definitely be beneficial for the people & workers across industries and help them to be more conscious & cautious towards the safety of their lives and incorporate a safety culture around them.

Mr Swapan K Bandopadhyay – Trainer (Senior Advisor, Consultivo) briefed the audience on the issue – ‘BLEVE’ (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosion) caused by the rupture of a vessel containing a pressurised liquid that has reached temperatures above its boiling point. BLEVE is considered as one of the very significant process hazards in different hazardous industries.

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