Consultivo one-day public training programme on Electrical Safety Course

Some glimpses from the electrical safety training programme

This public training on electrical safety would surely be helpful to spread awareness & knowledge regarding electrical safety for improving and nurturing the safety culture across industries.

Electrical Safety Course, one-day public programme on electrical safety, organised by the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) was conducted by Consultivo on 16 March 2018. The objective of this programme was to enable the participants in understanding the importance of electrical safety, know the statutory requirements under relevant laws, identify electrical hazards, implement control measures and select appropriate electrical equipment for hazardous areas.

The programme started with an ice-breaking session to make the participants comfortable and confident. Consultivo faculties discussed the fundamentals of electrical safety and the various statutory requirements under relevant laws.

Various case studies from industry were discussed which helped the participants to identify the gaps in the electrical safety system of their organisation and implement the necessary control measures & use of appropriate equipment for their organisation’s electrical safety.

The group activity and the practical exercise in between helped the participants to get a better understanding of their learning and recapitulate their knowledge on different laws related to electrical safety and their implementation for the safety of their employees & workers.

This electrical safety programme was attended by safety managers & middle managers, supervisors, electrical engineers, maintenance engineers, operation engineers & safety professionals from eminent industries like EPCOS India, OCL India, CESC Ltd, ILS Hospital, IPCL, AMRI Hospital, India Power, Tata Metaliks Ltd, Electrosteel Carting Ltd, Tata Consulting Engineering, IFB Agro Industries and others.

With an increase in reported injuries & deaths associated with the use of electricity, electrical safety has become a major area of concern. This public training on electrical safety would surely be helpful to spread awareness & knowledge regarding electrical safety for improving and nurturing the safety culture across industries.

About Consultivo

Consultivo is a management advisory and consulting firm helping global businesses in the areas of Sustainability, Business Excellence & Risk Management – both in strategic and operational level.

About ICC

The Indian Chamber of Commerce, or ICC as it is popularly known, is the premier body of business and industry in Eastern and North-Eastern India. The membership of the Chamber comprises several of the largest corporate groups in the country, with business operations all over the country and abroad. Set up by a group of pioneering industrialists led by Mr G D Birla, the Indian Chamber was closely associated with the Indian Freedom Movement, as the first organised voice of indigenous Indian Industry. Several of the distinguished industry leaders in India, such as Mr B M Birla, Sir Ardeshir Dalal, Sir Badridas Goenka, Mr S P Jain, Lala Karamchand Thapar, Mr Russi Mody, Mr Ashok Jain, have led the ICC as its President.

One of the most pro-active Chambers in India, the ICC has been privileged to interact and host several of the esteemed Indian Presidents and Prime Ministers in the past. With over eighty years of service to the nation, the ICC retains the character of being the premier Chamber with senior Indian industry leaders forming the core of its Executive Committee or the Governing Board of the Chamber. Its enlightened leadership and membership has enabled the ICC to move ahead and respond pro-actively to the dynamic changes that have taken place in the world order and with a vision for the future.

The ICC constituents are mainly large manufacturing units with operations all over the country and abroad.

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