Training on Managerial Effectiveness by Consultivo Academy in association with Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

19 September 2018, Kolkata

A one-day public training programme on Managerial Effectiveness, organised by ICC, was conducted by Consultivo Academy on 19 September 2018. The main objective of the training programme was to enable the managers to increase their managerial skills, efficiency & productivity.

The training started with an ice-breaking session where the participants also came up with unique managerial traits essential skill for being a manager. Our lead trainers from Consultivo Academy conducted the training programme in an engaging & interesting way keeping in mind the adult andragogy & learning interventions.

The training on managerial effectiveness was mainly focused on the managerial effectiveness and the factors & various managerial skills contributing towards the results based on videos, self assessments, case studies & group activities.

Few of the topics discussed during the managerial effectiveness training programme were – Role and position of a manager in an organisation, managerial effectiveness in improving productivity, skills of a manager, goal setting, prioritisation and time management, effective communication, managing interpersonal relationship, problem solving & decision making and others (Download Brochure).

The training session was designed & integrated with psychometric self assessment test ‘FYRO-B’ for understanding the interpersonal relationship quotient of the participants. This was intended to enable the participants to assess themselves and identify the causes and to think out of the box and do away with their previous notions.

This was followed by various case studies as discussed by the participants themselves & the trainers for their better understanding and how to deal with them through effective management techniques.

ICC - Consultivo training on managerial effectiveness

Our training methodology focusses on active engagement through several learning interventions. Besides, there were also some interesting & engaging group activities on Distortion of Communication and Problem solving & Decision-making where all the participants participated with high enthusiasm.

The active participation & involvement from the participants created a positive & energetic atmosphere. The training programme was attended by all levels of management professionals like HR professionals, Supervisors, Management Representatives from eminent organisations like Gainwell Cosmosales Pvt. Ltd., Hukumchand Jute Mill (HIPL unit), Keventer Agro Ltd., Tanni Bandhan, The Empire Jute Co. Ltd. & others.


consultivo people excellence

More such training programmes to come!

If you are interested, please let us know by filling up this registration form!

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If you are having more than 10 participants, then you may opt for an in-house training course. We may even customise it as per your organisation/industry requirement.


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