Launch of knowledge paper on Worker Safety Skill Training – foundation for a sustainable safe workplace


launch of ICC-Consultivo knowledge paper on worker safety


2 February 2018, Kolkata

To empower the base of the pyramid where the workers are exposed to real hazards, the ICC – Consultivo knowledge paper on “Worker Safety Skill Training – foundation for a sustainable safe workplace” was launched at the ICC Industrial Safety and Surveillance Conclave 2018.

Consultivo with its team prepared this knowledge report on worker safety through research, study & analysis, focusing on the HUMANWARE to ensure a safe base of the pyramid in building a solid foundation for a sustainable safety culture.

The Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) organised the Industrial Safety and Surveillance Conclave on the theme of “Towards a sustainable and safe future” with its vision to create a future roadmap for a safe and sustainable industrial future. This flagship event provided a platform for knowledge sharing and discussion on the safety practices across the industry by eminent safety professionals & experts.

Consultivo, being the knowledge partner of this safety conclave on industrial and worker safety, contributed to the initiative to create awareness across industries to ensure a safe culture.

Consultivo-knowledge-report-on-worker-safety-skill-trainingThis knowledge paper emphasises the importance of safety at workplace and OHS (Occupational Health & Safety) practices. It discusses the rationale behind why worker safety is important for a safety management system, the existing challenges and the possible solutions and action points to overcome them.

The report then discusses different means of people engagement in safety management both at a conceptual level as well as its actual implementation. Various facets of safe work culture have been examined through data analysis of 9 elements of Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS) which shows an interesting result. It depicts that supervision satisfaction and present work satisfaction of the workers have a direct correlation with the safety performance.


Finally, it emphasises that building a safe work culture is the most potent way to develop a safe and healthy workplace in industries in the long run. The key intention is to encourage the safety culture through knowledge and effective learning & training.


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