Consultivo Academy’s public training on OHS Legal Compliance

Occupational Health & Safety is the based of effective OHS management systems which enabled the professionals to implement & monitor legal compliance of the occupational hazards in the workplace.

Consultivo is glad to conduct a public training programme on OHS Legal on 28 April 2017 in Kolkata. This one-day training on OHS legal requirements by Consultivo provided practical techniques for planning, implementing and monitoring of Occupational Health & Safety related legal compliance which is the basis of effective OHS management systems like OHSAS 18001. It enabled the professionals to implement & monitor legal compliance of the occupational hazards in the workplace.

Himadri Chattopadhyay, advisor of Consultivo conducted the whole session and made the corporate identify the gaps in their current practised legal rules and regulations.

Mr Chattopadhyay also gave a brief overview of Indian Labour Laws relevant with the Occupational Health & Safety. He also discussed the importance of OHS Legal Requirement and Indian Legal Requirements structure. His session covered mostly the OHS legal requirements applicable as per different industries e.g. Factories Act/Rules, Petroleum Act/Rules, Explosive Rules, SMPV Rules etc.

Participants thoroughly participated and interacted through case studies and discussions. This programme also helped participants to clarify their legal queries.

N.C Banerjee, Management Consultant, Consultivo gave an interactive session on the importance of OHS Legal Requirements along with the sustainable development approach.

The training session was attended by enthusiastic participants from eminent corporate houses like ACC Ltd, Lafarge India Ltd, Tata Chemicals Ltd, India Power Corporation Ltd, Tata Pigments Ltd, Ambuja Neotia etc.

OHS Legal training session in Kolkata conducted by Consultivo Academy

Mr Sanjoy Dey, Asst Manager-Safety, ACC Ltd. was quoted saying,

“This training was beautifully imparted by both faculties & also clarified our queries during the training. I want to get involved in future to provide more training to our staff.”,

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