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15 June 2018, Kolkata

Consultivo Academy conducted a one-day training programme on ‘Power of Trust’ at a premium Indian corporate organisation to propagate, restore & rebuild Trust among the participants. This training was specially designed & customised for the target participants who were the new entrants from the Engineering department, aligning it with their learning objectives & requirements (Know more about Consultivo Training Methodology).

The main objective of this training programme was to percolate the idea of Trust from bottom level to top level & vice-versa to sustain the company’s trust among its customers & stakeholders and enhance their capabilities & integrity, as individuals & as an organisation.

Madhabi Guha – Trainer (Lead – Sustainability services, Consultivo) & Ruma Gomes – Trainer (Business Manager – People & Community services, Consultivo) conducted the training session in a very engaging & interesting way. They discussed about various important topics ranging from communication, inter-personal relationship, team-building, leadership to conflict management through different business games & group activities, videos & case studies.

Our trainer, Madhabi Guha says, “We started the training programme with an initial ice-breaking session to make the participants feel at ease with each other followed by a psychometric assessment to assess their understanding of trust and give them an insight as well. This helped us to figure out the gaps and our way forward for the training session.”

Glimpses of the training session on Power of Trust

Power of Trust training programme by consultivo Academy at Haldia

Going through the practical exercise & activities helped the participants to understand how powerful Trust is and how it can help them to communicate to make good relationships leading to a better team bonding and be accountable for whatever they do. There was an instant positive flow of energy among the participants throughout as they were enjoying themselves along with learning.

This idea of trust building & team building is definitely not an overnight transformation – there’s a long way to go! However, these small steps would only help to strongly establish & sustain trust among the individuals/team members from the organisation. But it’s definitely a positive step forward for a positive change towards the betterment of the people & the organisational culture.

This training programme on Power of Trust is intended to benefit the participants and help them to identify their strengths – both as a team and an individual, enable better collaboration at work, focus on trust & ethics and develop attitude of confidence, interconnectedness & support.

All the participants apreciated the highly engaging training programme and felt that it was both a knowledge & experience sharing platform for them and to understand the importance of trust in personal & corporate life. This is an encouraging yardstick for Consultivo Academy as well to receive such positive feedback from the participants who wish to be a part of more such training programmes in future.

More such training programmes to come!

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