Consultivo Academy’s public training programme on Presentation Skills with ISTD


10 March 2017, Kolkata

Consultivo Academy conducted one of its premium training courses ‘Presentation Skills’ in The Peerless Inn, Kolkata.

Giving a presentation can be a scary prospect – but this course enhances the confidence and presentation skills to become an effective speaker.

This ‘Presentation Skills’ training course was practical and fun, with lots of tips for calming the nerves, developing the material and increasing the impact.

presentation skills training by Saikat Basu

Saikat Basu during the Presentation Skills training programme at Kolkata

It’s very important for professionals to have a good command over their presentation skills. The session helped them to understand the nuances of making presentations in terms of content & quality which should be able to catch the listener’s attention. It may get monotonous for listeners to listen to the presenter so it’s important to present in a way that it does not get boring for the listeners and the objective of the presentation to share knowledge & make people learn is fulfilled at the same time.

This Consultivo training programme provided people tips to overcome their fear & hesitation and also gave them an opportunity to enhance their presentation skills & confidence. Saikat Basu, chief mentor, Consultivo discussed some handy tips & suggestions to increase one’s presentation skills and improve one’s body language.

presentation skills group activity

board work in the presentation skills training

Glimpses of group activity & board work in the Presentation Skills training programme

No matter in what profession are you in, no matter what career goal are you having, what matters is the way you present your ideas, vision, passion, belief, knowledge and yourself!

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