Session on safety audit overview hosted by Consultivo at Jadavpur University


11 November 2017, Kolkata

A technical session on “Safety Audit Overview” was organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) on 11 November, 2017. As a member of CII, Consultivo conducted a one-day workshop related to Process Safety Management presented by Mr Bisweswar Bhattacharya, an experienced OHS professional (with more than 35 years of experience), Consultivo at Jadavpur University campus, Kolkata.

Consultivo, being a facilitator of industry academia collaboration with knowledge resources, provides training and workshops on safety audit protocols to the academia, engineers and other EHS & OHS working professionals to bridge the gap of their theoretical and practical knowledge.

In the session, Mr Bhattacharya – Trainer (Senior Consultant, Consultivo) gave an overview of audit, safety audit, audit process and auditor attributes. He also discussed about the different reference standards in India related to safety audit which gave the audience some take-away points. In simpler words, he defined audit as the health check of the system which is part of a verification process and necessary to evaluate and assess the organisation based on some standards.

consultivo session on safety audit overview

Mr Bisweswar Bhattacharya – Trainer (Senior Consultant, Consultivo) presenting a technical session on “Safety Audit Overview” at Jadavpur Univerity, Kolkata

This knowledge sharing session by Consultivo was intended to provide the audience with the basic concept and understanding of assessment and evaluation process of an organisational safety audit as part of their social responsibility initiative. Mr Bhattacharya also spoke about the audit features which included audit criteria, audit scope and audit findings along with the requirements and approach of the audit process.

It was a knowledgeable session which highlighted the need and approach for a safety audit in any organisation or industry. This workshop by Consultivo was highly appreciated as it gave an insight into the ground realities of safety to the students and professionals from the Process Safety Management (PSM) background.

Consultivo with its rich and knowledgeable resource of experienced experts and thought leaders conduct such knowledge driven programs on safety and audit across the industry as their contribution to the socio-economic welfare and development, and preventing loss of life and production.

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