Why OHS is important for you

The cost of failure in managing Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) aspect and their impacts are huge. The reason there are not many incidents of accidents and diseases caused by work is because systems of prevention are in place which have been built up over generations. Safety does not come about by accident: most accidents happen because they have not been prevented due to the lack of proper risk analysis and management.

What Consultivo can do for you in the field of OHS?

Consultivo is a business analysis and risk management firm in Kolkata. We help organisations to manage their business risks in the entire Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) domain through our experience and expertise. Consultivo provides advisory services to all the organisations having OHS issues to deal with in the areas like gap assessment or as-is assessment against certain standards, guidelines and best practices, handholding or consulting support to close the gaps as identified during the initial assessment or to upgrade the existing OHS system at par with the global best practices, conducting quality research to address different Occupational Health & Safety challenges and finally training and capacity building of the workforce.

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