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People Advisory | Audit – Support – Research – Training Independent HR Consultants – Consulting Firm in India | Our People Advisory & HR Consultancy Services help companies in the areas of organisational development, human performance improvement & Training.

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Consultivo as a HR Consulting Services Company offer full range solutions

As one of the practicing sustainability consultants, Consultivo offers comprehensive social and sustainability consultancy support to organisations in meeting the growing risk management requirements.

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Find out People Perception & how They Feel

We design Customised & Independent Engagement Survey, Opinion & Satisfaction Survey, Culture Survey for your organisation. It can be done remotely or a combination with onsite visits.

Know Your People Related Risks 

We use investigative process of collecting and analyzing appropriate, relevant data to ensure the HR legal compliance, and business risks for any merger & acquisition

Well-being is a Gateway  to  Productivity & Culture

Our audit process helps our customers to identify the risk related to stress & lifestyle through psychometric assessment and decide on complete action plans

Align Your Business With Global Standards

As a people advisory service provider, we help you to address the fundamental labour & human rights related standards identified by the ILO & statutory bodies.

Identify, Nurture & Empower human Capabilities

We provide complete HR consulting services in competency management including competence mapping, assessment and empowerment plans.

Assesment, Due Diligence, Consulting & Training

We work with international and local organisations to support them in their journey to embed and operationalise the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Enhance Competence & Build Capacity

Consultivo Academy offers complete range Coaching, Mentoring & Training programs on Organisation Development & Organisation Behaviour

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We’re recognized thought leaders in the space of ESG, Sustainability and Risk Management.

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People Advisory

Independent HR Consulting Services, HR Consultancy & People Advisory Services

As one of the practicing HR Consultancy Firms and HR Consultants in India, we help our clients manage the complex HR compliance, HR reporting, and managing HR risks inherent in deploying their workforce.

Our HR Consultants in India help our customers in reward strategies, talent programs, people climate surveys, managing compliances and maintaining workforce effectiveness.

Yes. Human Resource Management Function has a lot of roles to play in organisational CSR,  Social & Sustainability programs.

Though there are many roles and responsibilities HR can adopt depending on the business needs and organisational structure, few are listed here:

  1. In any effective CSR and sustainability practices, awareness creation, competence development and buy-ins of the process owners become very important. HR, Learning and Development (L&D) and Training functions play pivotal roles here.
  2. Compliance to legal requirements related to people (HR Legal) is one of the critical elements of sustainability.
  3. Most of the sustainability reporting initiatives require human resource indices to be reported. Like GRI based sustainability disclosures require to report issues like Employment, Labour Management Relations, Training & Education, Diversity and Equal Opportunity, Non-discrimination, Freedom of Association, Child Labour, and Human Rights.
  4. In CSR programs, local community plays a very vital role. In most cases, HR function has a strong hold on them through employment & engagement of them.

Consultivo provides both HR Consulting Services and Sustainability services, that can help you to maximise your business benefits.

Find more on how Consultivo can help you in Social and Sustainability domain.

Human resource-related risks have become very critical to any business. Pragmatic solutions still matter. That’s why we make sure that your strategy and operations don’t simply address people concerns but maximize the opportunities they present.

As one of the independent HR Consultancy Firms in India, we offer a wide range of services from developing strategy and identifying risks to managing them effectively.

As a people advisory service provider or an HR consulting firm in India and across the world, we help you manage people-related risks. Our approach ensures that your organisation will produce positive and valuable results across a full spectrum of human resource issues like legal compliance, perception surveys, due diligence, social accountability etc.

In the domain of HR Consultancy, Consultivo offers comprehensive People Management, Business and Human Rights as well as Organizational Development solutions to organizations in meeting the growing risk management requirements.

Consultivo supports companies globally on several research & survey related solutions like Employee Engagement SurveySafety Perception SurveyEmployee SurveyEngagement SurveyEmployee Satisfaction SurveyEmployee Well Being SurveySocial SurveyStakeholder Survey and many more.

The EFQM Model is the global language for organisational change and performance improvement. The Model can benefit both organisations of any size or sector and individuals seeking a tried and tested management framework.

A business excellence model like EFQM helps organisations to

  1. Define their purpose
  2. Create the culture
  3. Develop leadership qualities among the frontline employees
  4. Transform the organisation and make it agile
  5. Address unique organisational changes
  6. Predict future risks

These models can be used by an organisation to

  • Use the business excellence framework for HR functions across the organisation and can be used as a basis to develop a common understanding of various terms used in the HR Management
  • Assess & measure the current status and thus identify the gaps to stimulate solutions
  • Use the framework to position various HR initiatives and identify gaps

As an independent provider of people advisory services and HR Consulting services, Consultivo helps companies to manage compliance and to perform better.

Find out more about Consultivo HR Assessment, Audit & Due-diligence

Read on to learn more:  EFQM Model

Consultivo offers comprehensive support to organisations in meeting the growing requirements in the context of Human Resource and People Advisory Services.

As one of the practicing HR Consultants in India, we help companies to manage their People related business risks.

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