What is Process Hazard Analysis?

A structured and systematic examination of a planned or existing process or operation in order to identify and evaluate problems that may represent risks to personnel or equipment, or prevent efficient operation.


What CONSULTIVO  can do for you in the field of HAZOP and QRA?


a) Interaction on HAZOP Team
b) Team formation
c) Input Collection from site: Collection, Classification, Orientation and Analysis of available data from various P&I datasheets (Consultivo Team and TCIL HAZOP Team members)
d) Consideration of each section of Process Flow sheets on deviation, causes, consequences, availability of existing facilities and Recommendation and Comments
e) Preparation of worksheets for each portion of process flow diagram on deviation, causes, consequences, available facilities for safeguards- Recommendation and Comments
f) Specific recordation in respect of observation during site study for minimizing loss prevention and improvement
g) Draft report preparation
h) Final Report preparation


a) Identification of potential risks like Fire/Explosions/Toxic Release/ Natural calamities etc which are likely to threaten the operation of the organisation
b) Identification of maximum credible loss scenario and evaluation of consequential impact of such an event on the operations and neighbourhood
c) Suggest suitable control measures for minimizing the effects of such events
d) Review of existing safety systems & procedures for loss minimization
e) Risk ranking and recommendations for risk improvement
f) Evaluation of existing Fire Protection system


• Early Identification of risks.
• Compliance with legal requirements – adequate risk assessment
• Development of safer processes
• Reduce operating costs
• Increased efficiency & profitability


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