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Project Investment-Sustainability Risk Management

Financial Institutions (FIs) across the world are realising the importance of Environment & Social (E & S Risks) & are considering the before taking the decision of lending financial support to any Greenfield or a  brownfield project. The investors are clearly committed to sustainability & their stakeholders thus subscribing to the idea of Responsible Investment or Project Due Diligence. Project due diligence is enables the investors to decide whether to go ahead with a project and, if so, how to do so in a way that enables them to manage the sustainability (social, economic and environmental) risks.  Project Due Diligence has multiple befits given that it helps both the borrowers by managing mitigating the Environmental & Social Risks in their project as well as the inventors by assuring them sustainable investment & enhanced stakeholder confidence

Some of these institutions have framed their own methodology & governance structure to uncover the risks as well the methodology to measure & monitor these risks. Some of the popular framework include International Financial Performance Standards (IFC PS) & Equator Principles (EPs).

Consultivo helps the Financial institutions by carrying out the gap assessments with respect to the existing framework for Environment & Social Governance as well as Environment & Social Management System (ESMS), identify the environmental & social risks through Environment & Social Due Diligence & suggesting an Environment & Social Action Plan (ESAP).

Our multidisciplinary team comprising of Environmental & Social Experts with industrial sectors & project experience, knowledge of national & local laws, trained in management systems can identify the environmental & social risks that might affect the project in its life cycle. The experts are management professionals who have an in depth understanding of local & national legislation along with international best practices & guidelines like International Finacial Corporation Performace Standard (IFC PS),  World Bank Guidelines , Asian Development Bank (ADB), European Bank for Reconstruction & Development guideline (EBRD) & Equator Principles.

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