Consultivo safety audit methodology

Step 1: Pre-audit

Identification of the scope of Safety Audit:

Physical boundary, processes involved, people exposure, organisation structure and audit criteria/standard are predetermined before each audit. For this purpose, it would be essential to study all relevant documents as below to get a complete picture:

  • Location of the installation and layouts, neighbouring industries
  • Safety equipment maintenance/Inspection manuals
  • Fire & safety manual, Emergency Preparedness Plan

Formation of multi-disciplinary audit teams:

Safety audits are carried out through multidisciplinary audits teams (consisting of 2 to 4 team members) with necessary experience and background to undertake in-depth audit in a particular discipline viz. Process, Maintenance, Electrical, Fire & Safety. One of the team members is nominated as the leader of the audit team.

Preparation of Safety Audit checklists:

Checklists are the most useful tool for undertaking systematic Safety Audit. A detailed model checklist covering important areas and the audit criteria requirements is prepared before each audit.

Step 2: Audit

Opening meeting with the management:

Onsite audit process starts with an opening meeting with the management and the key operational personnel, where the Lead Auditor explains the audit methodology and reporting process.

Audit activities:

  • Physical ‘Walk Through’ for basic assessment including task observation
  • Document review
  • Sample selection & interviewing

Audit coverage:

General safety:

  • Management system adopted for health & safety
  • Chemical safety, Machine safety
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Accident/Incident reporting and analysis

Fire Safety:

  • NOC/Fire license conditions
  • Availability of drawings & documents relevant to fire detection and fighting arrangements
  • Fire detection & fighting systems
  • Accountability for maintaining the fire detection & fighting systems
  • Status & adequacy of training imparted to personnel concerned for fire fighting and emergency evacuation
  • Status of emergency plan & fire emergency mock drills
  • Assessing the status of fire pumps, fire hydrant lines, hoses, extinguishers, detectors, and alarms by random checking and sample operation including procedures for periodical inspection/testing & maintenance.

Electrical safety:

Assessment of  existing safety status and deficiencies of the electrical equipment installation and systems to avoid a) Fire incidents due to electrical systems b) Injuries to personnel c) Damage to equipment and installations which includes:

  • Status of lightning protection
  • Status of Safe Work Practices (LOTO) for carrying out maintenance work in electrical systems
  • Status of earthing & earth leakage circuit breakers (ELCB) systems
  • Status of electrical fittings and procedure adapted for temporary connections
  • Status & adequacy of training imparted to occupants on electrical safety/first aid

Closing meeting with management:

Before finalising the report, the audit team initiates a presentation/discussion as feedback to the operating/management personnel of the area/installation. This provides inputs to the draft report based on the discussions and comments received during the presentation.

Step 3: Post-audit


Final outcome of the audit is a report consisting of:

  1. Executive summary
  2. Evaluation of “As-Is Status” against established safety standards
  3. Recommendations
  4. Picture gallery identifying areas of safety improvement

Safety audit methodology by Consultivo

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Safety audit methodology

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