Safety standard development

Internal controls help companies achieve important objectives, sustain and improve performance. A bespoke company safety standard with internal controls and an integrated framework enables organisations to perform, improve, mitigate risks to acceptable levels, and support sound decision-making & governance of the organisation.

An effective system of internal control demands more than rigorous adherence to policies & procedures: it requires the use of judgement.

The framework assists management, boards of directors, external stakeholders and others interacting with the entity in their respective duties regarding internal control without being overly prescriptive. It does so by providing both understanding of what constitutes a system of internal control and insight into when internal control is being applied effectively.

These customised standards are supported by interpretation and implementation guidelines. They are practical, effective and easy to use for that particular industry. Often further support is provided with capacity development programs.

Assuring safety for your organisation

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Safety Standard Development

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Our specialised resources have been leading the way to safer workplaces for more than 400 organisations since 2009.

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What Consultivo can do for you in the field of safety standard develoment?

Consultivo as an organisation has acquired a wealth of knowledge in numerous global codes and standards; while partnering with its customers in the capacity of an advisor, consultant, assessor or trainer.

In-house Occupational Health & Safety Standard Development

Consultivo is ready to meet your need for customised Safety Standard Development for your own use. We understand your business risks as well as your stakeholders’ requirements on the Occupational Health & Safety and sustainability issues, identify the relevant national & international standards and codes of practices, integrate their requirements and customise them to your industry practices.

Development of Safety Implementation Guides, Training Programs

A practical and implementable guide that generally includes intent, interpretation, action points and forms – formats for each requirement of the standard. They also have several pictures and sketches for easy understanding of the user.
This is further supplemented by customised capacity development programs.

Development of Safety Excellence Protocol

Excellence models are designed to plan, execute, monitor, improve and recognise organisations that achieve high levels of performance – not only in what they achieve but also in how they achieve it. Safety Excellence Protocols demonstrate quantitative results for qualitative enablers; thus helping your organisation to measure the improvement.

Who can use In-house Customised Safety Standards?

These standards can be developed for any organisation, large or small, whatever be the products or services, regardless of the sector of activity and those who want to start their journey of safety excellence from the existing level.

Different types of customised safety standards include:

  • Framework Standard
  • Governance Manual, Policies
  • Safety Cardinal Rules
  • Safety Code of Conduct (CoC)
  • Safety Code of Practices (CoP)
  • Safety Protocols
  • Guidelines
  • Safe Working Procedures (SoP) and work instructions

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